Pauly D’s girlfriend Nikki Hall spotted in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 4 trailer

Pauly and Nikki on Double Shot at Love. Pic credit: MTV
Pauly and Nikki on Double Shot at Love. Pic credit: MTV

Eagle-eyed Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans spotted Pauly D’s girlfriend, Nikki Hall in the trailer for the upcoming season of the show.

Nikki and Pauly first met during Season 1 of Double Shot at Love. Nikki returned for Season 2, and the show has followed their relationship.

Fans wondered, however, whether Nikki would appear on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Significant others of several original cast members have appeared on the show, so Nikki’s appearance seemed like a natural next step.

With the release of the trailer, Jersey Shore die-hards finally have their answer — Nikki will show up on the fourth season of Family Vacation.

Nikki is featured in the trailer

The trailer for Season 4 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation dropped a few days ago, giving fans an idea of what to expect ahead of the upcoming season.

The trailer opens with Pauly screaming “I rented the whole hotel” from an empty balcony. Filming took place after COVID reached the US, so it’s likely that the roommates and crew had to take precautions to quarantine.

In the midst of talk about the continuing fallout from the drama at Angelina’s wedding, Nikki makes a split-second appearance in the trailer. She’s quickly shown kissing Pauly, but the clip is less than a second long.

We still don’t know what she’s doing with the roommates or how much she’ll be featured, but the trailer seems to confirm that she will indeed grace fans with her presence on the show.

Other special guests and a conspicuous absence

Also making appearances in the trailer are Vinny’s Uncle Nino and Angelina’s psychic grandma.

Angelina’s grandma was first introduced last season. She famously warned JWoww about her boyfriend Zach Carpinello, but to no avail as, despite a dramatic last season, Jenni and Zach are still together.

Psychic grandma was also featured in Angelina’s wedding episode. At the wedding, she had an interesting conversation with Vinny’s Uncle Nino, who will also appear in the upcoming season.

Inappropriate and outspoken OG (original Guido) Uncle Nino is a fan favorite, though his appearances often seem to embarrass his nephew.

The season will continue to document the aftermath of the disastrous bridesmaid speech at Angelina’s wedding. “It’s not good between me and the girls,” Angelina explains in the trailer.

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi actually quit the show over the wedding drama, and her absence is very noticeable in the trailer. In one clip, Pauly, Vinny, Ronnie, Deena, Mike, and Mike’s wife, Lauren sit with a life-size plastic doll covered in surgical gauze. Could the doll be Snooki’s replacement?

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premieres Thursday, November 19 at 8/7c on MTV.

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