Paulie Calafiore reacts to tweet about The Challenge without him: ‘I’d like to formally apologize’

paulie calafiore on the challenge war of the worlds 2
Paulie Calafiore last appeared on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: MTV

The past several seasons of MTV’s The Challenge have been missing the real-life power couple of Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello.

While that may be something many fans rooted for, there are others who believe that the recent seasons are boring without them. After all, they spiced things up in terms of entertainment value with their alliances, feuds, and strategic moves.

Paulie, a former Big Brother competitor, recently reacted to a tweet that mentioned how a lot of fans wanted one thing and are now unhappy with what they’re getting.

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Paulie Calafiore reacts to fans not wanting him on The Challenge

On Friday (February 19), a tweet arrived online from MTV Malik, one of the LWC Podcast hosts, in which he brought up how fans demanded certain individuals go into elimination, and also wanted specific competitors “gone” from the game.

“Ya’ll wanted @PaulieCalafiore_ , #CaraMaria, and @johnnybananas gone and y’all wanted everyone to go into elimination. You got what you wanted and now y’all bored out of your minds…be careful what you ask for #TheChallenge36,” MTV Malik tweeted.

Several hours later, Paulie retweeted that original tweet with his own sarcastic comment to go with it.

“I’d like to formally apologize for my masterful political game. I’ll stick to winning dailies, an occasional elimination, sprinkling in some chaos, and flopping in finals for everyone’s enjoyment,” Paulie tweeted.

paulie calafiore reacts to tweet mentioning the challenge without him
Pic credit: @PaulieCalafiore/Twitter

Paulie got his start on Big Brother 18, did Ex on the Beach, and then debuted on The Challenge: Final Reckoning. During his first Challenge, he made it to the final with partner Natalie Negrotti, but they finished as runner-ups. He returned for the War of the Worlds season and then made another final on War of the Worlds 2. However, Paulie was shown becoming exhausted and lacking energy during the final, which may have cost his team.

Even so, he was able to basically control the game along with his real-life girlfriend Cara Maria and their alliance on Team USA. It got to the point where fellow Americans, Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal, opted to become “turncoats” and joined Team UK after winning eliminations.

That drove many fans crazy as they seemed to want to never see Paulie and Cara back on the show due to disliking them. However, it’s hard to argue against them having a fair amount of fans and also being strong competitors, despite Paulie’s performance in the WOTW2 final.

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Will Paulie return to do The Challenge again?

It’s now been two seasons since Paulie or Cara have appeared on The Challenge. Johnny Bananas, also mentioned in the tweet above, was on last season, Total Madness, and ended up the men’s winner in the final. Bananas hasn’t officially retired from the show but seems to be pursuing other media ventures during his hiatus.

Meanwhile, Paulie and Cara seem to be also taking a break from the competitive reality series. Both have been pursuing other endeavors, including Paulie training to compete in bobsledding in the Winter Olympics and Cara doing photography. Both have also been participating in roles in few TV and movie projects.

According to a Showbiz Cheat Sheet report in September 2020, Paulie didn’t seem to shut the door on returning for The Challenge in the future, though.

“I’m always ready,” Calafiore shared. “So, it’s a matter of when the calls go out, if the calls go out, I’m more than willing and able.”

He also mentioned that he has unfinished business with some of the competitors on The Challenge who said things about him.

“So, these people have been talking s**t; they’ve been spreading a lot of false narratives, a lot of fake rumors about me, and they’ve been prolonging their judgment day. So, judgment day is coming,” Paulie said.

One thing’s for sure, the Big Brother alliance on The Challenge: Double Agents has been strong, but just imagine how things might be if Paulie and Cara return to the game.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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