Paul Staehle says Pierre is definitely his kid because he ‘has my run’

Paul Staehle opens up about his relationship with Karine Martins. Pic Credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star, Paul Staehle opened up for a rare interview with the Domenick Nati Show.

Domenick Nati said he was going to ask all the burning questions – and he did. Paul dished out details on his relationship with Karine Martins, their new baby, and the possible other men in his wife’s life.

Did Karine cheat on Paul?

Opening some old wounds, Domenick Nati asks, “Has Karine ever cheated on you and if so – when was the last time?”

Paul trying to dodge the question, replies, “It’s a tough thing to talk about. Anything could happen at any time, I’m not quite sure. I’m probably going to be respectful and avoid that. Cause people make mistakes in life and things happen. When I was in my 20’s, I’m sure when you were in your 20’s, we did crazy things. It happens.”

Continuing with the hard questions, Domenick Nati asks, “Has Karine ever brought your child around anyone you were uncomfortable with? Maybe someone with a criminal record?”

Being perfectly clear, Paul replies, “Yeah, that has happened. I definitely voiced my concerns with her on that. I made it abundantly clear for several occasions. Hopefully, now we’re on the same page”

Paul admitted that Karine openly goes out with other men. Before she does, Paul admitted that she has to agree to him performing a background check first.

When asked what kind of criminal activity these men participate in, Paul reveals that according to his background checks – it includes pedophilia and driving under the influence.

Does he think Pierre is his child?

“Does she sleep with these men?,” Domenick Nati asks.

“You know – I don’t know what’s all going on. She’ll be gone overnight, for a few days, she’s sleeping somewhere,” Paul concludes.

When it comes to their kids, Paul says, “To my knowledge, both the children are mine.”

He’s fully convinced that Pierre is his as he explains, “Obviously if you look at Pierre, you can tell he’s my kid. He has my run, he looks like me, has my mannerisms. I fully believe he is my child.”

However – this didn’t stop Paul from considering a paternity test for his son. His reasoning was to have indisputable proof in the case this was ever questioned.

The couple is expecting their second child, and Paul is 99.9% sure the baby is his. Since Karine has been spending a lot of time with him, along with the doorbell footage he’s been collecting – he is confident he is the father of her baby.

What do you think of this 90 Day Fiance relationship?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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