Paul and Karine celebrate Mother’s Day in Kentucky with Paul’s mom

Paul, Karine and their two sons
Karine and Paul surprised fans by popping up in Kentucky to visit Paul’s mom with their two children for Mother’s Day. Pic credit: @pauljasonstaehle/Instagram

Paul and Karine moved to Brazil after things didn’t work out with Paul finding a job in America, and the couple has been down there for more than a year. So it came as a surprise to fans when Paul posted a Mother’s Day appreciation post with Karine and Paul’s mom in Kentucky.

The picture also featured Karine and Paul’s two boys and pictures of the card and flowers he got for his mom and Karine.

Karine gave birth to their second son, Ethan, in February of 2021, so this is the first time Paul’s mom got to meet him. She had previously traveled down to Brazil during their time on 90 Day Fiance after Karine gave birth to their first son, Pierre.

Paul has always had a good relationship with his mom, but she did refuse to help support him financially because historically, it would do more harm than good for Paul, and she wants him to make money like a normal man in his 30’s.

Paul’s caption for his mom and Karine was very sweet

Paul’s caption for his Mother’s Day post for Karine and his mom read, “Happy Mother’s Day to some of the most beautiful and patient Mother’s on this Earth.”

Karine and Paul’s mom posed with the two kids for Mother’s Day

Paul tends to geotag all his Instagram photos, and this one was in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. His previous posts for the last year have been in Brazil, where he and Karine have been living.

Paul has tried both his mom and Karine’s patience in the past with his anxiety and stress-inducing behavior, and failure to provide for his family. So it is possible that he recognizes that fact about himself and put in the part about appreciating their patience to his caption.

What is next for Paul and Karine?

It is unclear whether Paul and Karine will be attempting to stay in Kentucky long term again. Karine has her residency status, so staying in the US wouldn’t be an immigration issue.

Paul and Karine have been supporting themselves through their content on OnlyFans, as well as more PG routes like cameos.

Paul and Karine have a large fan base who want them to succeed with their new family. So if there are more opportunities for them in America, closer to Paul’s mom, fans would like to see that. Paul expressed concern in the past that there weren’t many opportunities for him in Brazil.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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