Patricia on Southern Charm: Everything you need to know about Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mom

Patricia Altschul on Southern Charm
Miss Patricia Altschul is a Southern Charm treasure. Pic credit: Bravo

Patricia Altschul is the matriarch of Southern Charm.

She is a socialite from Charleston and the mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith.

And she is wealthy. Super wealthy at that.

During a recent episode of Southern Charm, she was helping to plan the Gentleman’s dinner that is a part of each season.

That conversation revealed much about Miss Patricia, including her ties to the royal family.

It also raised the question about her net worth.

What is Patricia from Southern Charm’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Patricia Altschul is pegged at a net worth of $100 million.

That is a hefty number, but it’s not surprising for Southern Charm viewers who have seen the inside of her home and the lifestyle she has led.

Her home is a 10-bedroom home that was built in 1853. She has worked to preserve and renovate the enormous 9,500-square-foot mansion.

The inside is beautifully decorated with furniture that costs more than some new cars. Patricia has taste, and she knows what things are worth.

As for where she got her money, it’s been a combination of many things. She is highly educated in archaeology and art and once owned a gallery. Real estate is also a big deal to her, and don’t forget she has been married thrice.

Patrica Altschul’s royal family connection

Southern Charm viewers learned more about Miss Patricia Altschul as she revealed she is friendly with King Charles.

While helping to plan the dinner with her son Whitney Sudler-Smith and talking with Shep Rose, she revealed she had a connection to Buckingham Palace.

Some of her suggestions were inspired by things she saw while dining at the palace, which was shocking.

Miss Patricia then pulled out a tin and allowed Shep to guess what was inside. Naturally, he had no idea, but the revelation was surprising.

Inside was a piece of King Charles and Queen Camilla’s wedding cake from 2005. The king and queen sent Miss Patricia a piece of their wedding cake, which had been in the freezer for nearly two decades.

How old is Patricia from Southern Charm?

Another question Southern Charm viewers had was about how old Patricia Altschul is after she suffered a back injury that had her bedridden.

The socialite is 82 years old. She teased that she was old in a confessional after her injury aired. Patricia suffered from a compression fracture in her spine, and it would take a while for her to recover.

Based on her confessional, though, she appears to be doing well because they are filmed after the season wraps. And the reunion filming is just around the corner, so Miss Patricia should be there too.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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