Paola Mayfield teases a sibling for baby Axel — Are she and Russ trying for baby number two?

Paola and Russ at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All
Paola and Russ may be getting ready to make another baby. Pic credit: TLC

Paola and Russell Mayfield became parents to baby Axel just last year and now, it looks like these 90 Day Fiance stars may be ready to add to their family.

After a year of firsts for the Mayfield family, Axel celebrated the biggest first — his birthday — on January 1.

For months now, 90 Day Fiance fans have wondered when Pao and Russ might decide to have another baby. There were also questions about if they would expand their family again or if Axel would be an only child.

Paola Mayfield may be ready to get pregnant again

Now, it looks like Paola is making it clear that she does have babies on the brain. It’s just a matter of when she might want to get pregnant that we can’t answer.

How do we know that Pao is thinking about babies? Well, she’s been posting about it.

On Twitter, Paola Mayfield posted a popular baby GIF with the caption, “When you realize your son needs a sibling.”

Did 90 Day Fiance’s Pao change her mind about more kids?

Is Paola just teasing her 90 Day Fiance following or is she really thinking about giving Axel a sibling? That’s a good question since it looks like she may have changed her mind over the last several months.

Back in May 2019, Paola Mayfield told US Magazine that she wasn’t really wanting to have more kids. And when Russ said that he wanted at least one or maybe two, she told him to have them himself.

Of course, that was when baby Axel was just five months old and Pao was still working to get right again after a long pregnancy and recovery.

She’s also been a huge breastfeeding advocate and as new moms know, that can be a whole lot of work. Paola has also been a super hands-on mom, even earning the criticism of 90 Day Fiance fans who think that she shouldn’t be so possessive of her baby boy. It seems that no one has forgotten when Russ’ mom came for a visit and wasn’t even allowed to hold the baby.

Maybe now, after having a whole year to forget about pregnancy and childbirth, she’s considering doing it all again so that Axel can have a baby brother or sister. That definitely would make Russ happy since he’s wanted more kids all along.

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