Olivia from MAFS New Orleans got a COVID-19 vaccine, updated fans after shot to talk side effects

Olivia is using her medical background to inform fans about the new vaccine.  Pic credit: Lifetime

Although Olivia Cornu’s marriage on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight didn’t turn out as she’d hoped, the show has given the medical professional a huge platform.

The nurse practitioner faced the pressure of COVID-19 not only just in her workplace, but it made her unwillingly participate in the longest experiment in franchise history.

For the first time ever, production shut down and forced the couples to switch to a new self-shot version. While some couples used the time to connect on a deeper level, Brett decided to move back home halfway through the experiment.

Her marriage didn’t work out with Brett Lindsey, but she left with great friends and a huge Instagram following with over 60,000 fans.

She took the COVID-19 vaccine

Although there’s skepticism when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, Olivia is using her platform to encourage fans to feel safe about the treatment.

Being that Olivia is on the front lines of the virus, she was eligible to get some of the first doses of the new vaccine.

She posted that she was in line to receive the shot and her DMs immediately flooded with questions about the side effects.

Olivia takes the vaccine and posts her experience on her Instagram stories. Pic credit: @olivia_cornu/Instagram

An hour into receiving the vaccine, she went to Instagram to update fans about how she’s feeling.

While still in her scrubs, she said, “So far so good, I don’t even have injection site pain right now like some people get with the flu shot. It did feel like a flu shot or any kind of vaccine that we get. It wasn’t too painful.”

“I will get the second injection in three weeks,” she continued.

Although the vaccine has arrived, she also reminds fans this doesn’t mean the end of social distancing and masks.

She details about what happened the next day

The following day, she kept fans close on her lingering reactions to the vaccine.

Giving an update to fans the following morning, she writes, “Update: Arm is a little sore this morning but otherwise feeling great!”

Olivia updates fans on how she felt the next day after taking the vaccine. Pic credit: @olivia_cornu/Instagram

Does Olivia’s experience make you feel more comfortable with the new vaccine?

Married at First Sight Season 12 premieres Wednesday, January 13, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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