Olivia Flowers reportedly done with Southern Charm

Olivia Flowers selfie
Olivia Flowers reportedly wasn’t asked back to Southern Charm. Pic credit: @oliviabflowers/Instagram

Southern Charm Season 10 is gearing up to begin filming.

The Season 9 reunion was filmed in November, shortly after the cast appeared at BravoCon in Las Vegas.

It was plagued with drama between Olivia Flowers, Taylor Ann Green, Austen Kroll, and Shep Rose.

Madison LeCroy stepped in as the narrator, elevating her status within the group and the show.

While Season 9 was good TV, the Bravo executives thought the cast could use some changes before kicking off Season 10.

Olivia Flowers appears to have gotten the boot.

Will Olivia Flowers be a part of Season 10 of Southern Charm?

According to Best of Bravo on Instagram, the intel they are getting reveals Olivia Flowers won’t be returning for Season 10.

It seems she wasn’t asked back, and it wasn’t her decision to walk away. This is confusing because she was part of the most significant storyline last season, and if Bravo is considering bringing Kathryn Dennis back, the two are good friends.

The caption reads, “Learned awhile ago that Olivia did not get asked back to Southern Charm for next season. Rod is out as well! I also hear Leva isn’t returning either, but I do not have that confirmed. Keep in mind, they could always return as friends of roles. Also, there is a newcomer named Molly! #southerncharm.”

What will the Southern Charm Season 10 cast look like?

Based on what Best by Bravo is reporting, the Season 10 cast of Southern Charm will be filled with new faces again.

Olivia Flowers not being asked back is shocking, and we hope it’s only a rumor and doesn’t come to fruition.

Rod not returning isn’t too shocking. He was just a filler, having a little storyline with Olivia but nothing that made viewers love him.

Leva Bonaparte not returning makes sense. She has her spinoff, Southern Hospitality, to film, and with its growing popularity, there is likely more need for her there.

There hasn’t been news about the rest of the cast, but we anticipate seeing more of Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo. Madison LeCroy has all but said she is for sure returning, hinting that she has some friends who will be on the show during Season 10. Perhaps Molly, mentioned in the Instagram post, is one of Madison’s friends.

The Season 10 cast will be easier to spot and decipher when filming gets underway.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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1 month ago

Definitely bring back Kathryn! Thomas Chelsea Cameron Shep Craig Whitney Austin Madison, let’s see more of their families, parties at Patricia’s. More activities and outings in and near Charleston..less focus on drinking. JT can go.
He is a weird angry little guy.

30 days ago

OLIVIA OUT! JT out! They are so annoying .