Nilsa Prowant reveals she is pregnant: When is the Floribama Shore star due?

Nilsa Prowant on Floribama Shore.
Nilsa Prowant is expecting her first child with boyfriend, Gus Gazda. Pic credit: MTV

Nilsa Prowant revealed that there is a Floribama Shore baby on the way.

That’s right, she is expecting a little one with her boyfriend, Gus Gazda.

She will be welcoming the new addition in May 2021.

Who is Nilsa’s boyfriend?

Gus Gazda is Nilsa Prowant’s boyfriend and he has been for over a year now. When she started sharing him on Instagram, iit mmediately confused Floribama Shore fans.

The irony of Nilsa finding a Gus isn’t lost on her followers. Instead of the Gus she thought she wanted, she ended up with the Gus she actually needed.

While details of her relationship are few and far between, it looks like Nilsa began dating him in 2019. The two appear to be happy, and with a new addition on the way, they have just upped their commitment game.


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Did Nilsa Prowant film Floribama Shore pregnant?

Nilsa’s pregnancy announcement is the first post on Instagram since early November. The new season of Floribama Shore just wrapped filming, and all of the cast has returned to social media to get wild.

Details about the length of filming weren’t revealed, but the crew was reportedly in Arizona, filming at a safe location. Several of Nilsa’s other castmates returned to social media as well, so the timing is suspicious.

It will be interesting to see whether Nilsa Prowant filmed the show while pregnant, or if she was just on a social media break while the rest of the cast disappeared for consistency.

Baby Gazda details

Currently, Nilsa Prowant has only revealed that she is due in May 2021. It is likely she is between 16 and 20 weeks, without pinning down an exact date.

In the announcement photo, she was already showing, so she is likely due closer to the beginning of the month. At this point, Nilsa and Gus have not revealed if they know the sex of the baby or if they are waiting until the birth.

It is an exciting revelation for the Floribama Shore star who has had a tough year. A few months ago, Nilsa’s dad passed away. That was hard for the reality star who was incredibly close to him.

Now, Nilsa Prowant is working toward looking forward to this new bright spot in her life.

Floribama Shore is currently on hiatus.

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