Nilsa Prowant reveals she is pregnant: When is the Floribama Shore star due?

Nilsa Prowant revealed that there is a Floribama Shore baby on the way. That’s right, she is expecting a little one with her boyfriend, Gus Gazda. She will be welcoming the new addition in May 2021. Who is Nilsa’s boyfriend? Gus Gazda is Nilsa Prowant’s boyfriend and he has been for over a year now.


Nilsa Prowant arrested: Why did the Floribama Shore star get in trouble?

Floribama Shore will be filled with drama as tonight’s episode catches Nila Prowant drunk and acting wild. She was arrested in St. Petersburg last July while filming the show and it was all caught on camera. In the preview for tonight’s show, Floribama Shore viewers will see how everything went down and how Nila Prowant


Floribama Shore star Nilsa Prowant arrested: What did she do?

Nilsa Prowant is the latest Floribama Shore star to be arrested. The show is currently filming in St. Petersburg, Florida after filming the first two seasons in Panama City. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of July 6 in St. Petersburg. According to TMZ, Nilsa Prowant was arrested for allegedly exposing her breasts