Nicole Snooki Polizzi begins homeschooling her kids and it’s off to a bad start

Nicole and son Lorenzo
Nicole’s son Lorenzo looked less-than-thrilled about his new school arrangement. Pic credit: @snooki/Instagram

Reality stars, celebrities, and famous people of all types are weighing in on the coronavirus outbreak. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore fame recently updated fans about the situation, and Nicole Polizzi just followed suit.

Nicole is stuck at home with the kids

Nicole — better known as Snooki — is a mom of three. Her kids are Lorenzo, seven, Giovanna, five, and Angelo, nine months. Giovanna is in kindergarten and Lorenzo is in first grade, but with the schools closed, the kids are stuck at home.

But just because the kids are home doesn’t mean they’ve got nothing to do — like most kids, Lorenzo is expected to do his schoolwork at home.

Nicole developed a detailed plan to help him out, and she’s going to be a strict teacher.

Apparently, Snooki wants Lorenzo and Giovanna to call her Mrs. LaValle while she’s being their teacher. She’s also requiring them to raise their hands and ask for bathroom passes. Bad behavior gets them sent to the “principle,” Nicole’s husband, Jionni.

She’s already made mistakes as a teacher

It’s only been one day, but Snooki’s teaching skills are already under fire from fans. She used the wrong spelling of principal, spelling it “principle,” which a fan quickly pointed out.

“Welp,” Snooki responded, “I already such as a first grade teacher.[sic]”

It’s a common struggle for parents who are now faced with unexpectedly educating their children by themselves. She admitted to fans that she has “no idea what I’m doing,” a sentiment that’s surely shared by thousands of moms and dads throughout the country.

Overall, though, fans were encouraging. “Don’t worry girl!” said one commenter, “We are human. We all make mistakes.”

Another fan suggested that Nicole record her teaching sessions for her YouTube channel, which she updates about once a week. No word yet on whether that’s coming, but if it is, it’ll surely be entertaining.

Nicole has a lot going on between her store, The Snooki Shop, the show, and the podcast she hosts with BFF Joey Camasta. Joey, incidentally, wasted no time weighing in on the incident. He posted a pretty hilarious throwback clip of Nicole arguing with her other BFF, Jenni, on the fourth season of Jersey Shore.

Jenni and Nicole both loved the joke and commented on Joey’s post.

It’s a tough time for everyone, but the Jersey Shore cast members are taking it all in stride. Maybe they’ve taken Situation’s positivity advice.

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