Nicole Franzel wedding: Big day about to arrive for Big Brother winner

Nicole Franzel Amazing Race
Nicole Franzel will soon get married to Victor Arroyo. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother wedding between Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo is coming up very quickly. The couple that met as members of the BB18 cast will soon become newlyweds and officially begin their future together.

Nicole and Victor had plans to get married a while ago but first postponed it so that Nicole could go on Big Brother All-Stars 2. Then, when she got out of the house, they postponed the wedding again to have the destination wedding of their dreams.

It wasn’t too long after the end of Big Brother 22 that Nicole announced she was pregnant. That was huge news for the couple, leading to them wanting to tie the knot before the baby arrives.

Now, the couple’s time to get married has nearly arrived, with many fans expecting a lot of other former Big Brother houseguests to be part of the wedding.

When is Nicole Franzel getting married?

Nicole and Victor said that they are getting married on Tuesday, March 16, in Orange Lake, Florida. It’s not quite the overseas destination wedding that they had originally planned, but it’s sure to be a big day for the couple, their families, and all of their friends.

After developing a friendship as members of the Big Brother 18 cast, they started a relationship a bit later. But take a look at the clip below, where Victor admitted that he had some fun flirting with her while they were on the show together.

Nicole Franzel got close to winning Big Brother twice

After appearing on Big Brother 16 and then returning to win Big Brother 18, Nicole Franzel was invited to participate in Big Brother All-Stars 2.

She was part of some key alliances during the season and got very close to making it all the way to the very end.

Nicole made it to the final three on BB22 and competed against Cody Calafiore to become the final Head of Household of the season. When Cody won the final HOH, he ended his alliance with Nicole and chose to take Enzo Palumbo with him to the final two.

Nicole said not too long after the season ended that she was still having nightmares about how the show had gone for her. Now, though, life has given her a lot to look forward to.

Following their big wedding on March 16, it will be time for Nicole and Victor to get their house ready for their baby’s arrival this summer.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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