Nick Viall is driving himself crazy in hilarious coronavirus quarantine video

Nick Viall Quarantine
Nick Viall shares a crazy video from his quarantine. Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelor star Nick Viall is spending time in quarantine at home.

And like so many other people, it appears that Nick is slowly getting bored.

Rather than spend time binging old seasons of The Bachelor or emptying the fridge, Nick decided to create a fun video of himself.

The video shows a conversation between four roommates. All the characters in the video were done by himself.

The video is well-done and must have taken him a few hours to complete.

Nick Viall shares hilarious quarantine video on Facebook

He shared the video on his Facebook page, and at the time of this reporting, the video had 6,587 views.

You can watch it below.

In the video, Nick has filmed himself as several characters discussing the coronavirus update. While one character wants to go workout, another is desperately researching the virus.

A third character is sitting on the couch, warning him about self-diagnosing online. And lastly, a fourth character is sitting on a bed, getting into Tik Tok. When he coughs, everyone panics.

The video also addresses over-eating while in quarantine, something many people joke about, as they fear they will gain weight while locked up at home.

Nick Viall’s fans love his efforts on Facebook

After Nick shared the video on Facebook, his fans commented on it. Many people thought it was a hilarious video.

“I love these clips! They make my (boring working from home) day!” one person wrote, while another added, “Thank you. I’ve been really bummed I haven’t been feeling the greatest and have been a little worried and I needed a good laugh!!”

One person revealed it was time to rewatch Nick’s season of The Bachelor.

“I’m actually watching your bachelor season right now! My binge-watch quarantine! I think you’re so funny and cute!”

One person he isn’t spending his quarantine with is Kelley Flanagan.

Nick recently made comments about his own relationship status. He was briefly rumored to possibly be dating Kelley after Chris Harrison made the comment that they were getting cozy at his launch event recently.

On his podcast, Nick revealed that while he did enjoy his time with Kelley and called her a wonderful person, the two are not dating.

He also added that he knew that people would guess that they were dating based on the photo he shared — and that he didn’t mind the rumors about them.

At the end of the day, however, they are just friends.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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