Next time on Survivor 46: ‘She’s like this mermaid dragon’

Bhanu Survivor 46
Survivor 46 castaway Bhanu Gopal failed to mesh with his tribe in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 46 hints at more drama for (SURPRISE!) the Yanu Tribe.

Yanu lost the first two Immunity Challenges, leading to two members getting voted out at the Tribal Councils.

David Jelinsky was the castaway sent home on the season premiere, and then Jess Chong got eliminated on Episode 2.

The tribe is clearly in disarray and could soon be in the running for the worst tribe in the history of Survivor if they don’t right this ship.

Bhanu Gopal, Kenzie Petty, Q Burdette, and Tiffany Nicole Ervin are the only people left at Yanu.

Bhanu thought he was getting voted out instead of Jess at the latest Tribal Council, and the sleepless nights and lack of food may have caught up with him.

Survivor 46, Episode 3 TV promo

Below is the Survivor promo for the third episode. It is called Wackadoodles Win, which hopefully isn’t a spoiler about which tribe wins the next Immunity Challenge.

A difficult challenge awaits the players out on the water, and it will take everything they’ve got to complete. It sounds like a recipe for disaster for Yanu, especially since several members from the other tribes get to sit out and rest.

“Several castaways have some explaining to do after a fake Idol was played at Tribal Council. A castaway attempts to fall on the sword for their tribe’s loss in the Immunity Challenge. Then, three castaways take a journey to compete for an advantage in the game,” reads the synopsis for the March 13 episode of Survivor 46.

Bhanu didn’t know that Q, Kenzie, and Tiff created that fake Immunity Idol, so he is likely ready to ask some questions about it. He is shown asking Kenzie for some help in the promo shared below.

“She’s like this mermaid dragon,” Bhanu says about Kenzie. We will have to wait and see if that’s a compliment, but it seems unlikely.

More to come from Survivor 46, including an episode shift

Beginning with the March 13 episode, Survivor 46 episodes return to 90-minute installments. The season began with two two-hour episodes but had to adjust with the season premiere of The Amazing Race arriving.

In a clip cut from the show, Tevin calls Venus “rude and snarky” in the footage. Surprisingly, the producers decided to cut this scene, but it begins to explain why Venus was on the outs.

An additional clip was released by CBS that highlights the chaos brewing at Siga Tribe.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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