NeNe Leakes responds after RHOA edits her out of flashback scene

RHOA alum NeNe Leakes close-up
NeNe Leakes speaks out after RHOA episode. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta editors threw some shade at NeNe Leakes last night, and she definitely caught it.

The OG just spoke out after viewers commented on the flashback scene that aired in the latest episode — minus NeNe.

Yes, they edited her right out of the intro, and if you blinked too quickly, you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Of course, eagle-eyed viewers immediately realized that NeNe was missing from the lineup when they aired the flashback, and they had a lot to say about that.

Many people came to her defense on social media and slammed the network for trying to erase the OG’s legacy and everything she has done for the franchise.

However, a previous tweet also came back to haunt her, and someone reminded the 55-year-old that she asked Bravo not to mention her on the show.

That’s exactly what they did in Episode 6, but NeNe is less than happy about that!

NeNe Leakes reacts after being edited out of the RHOA flashback intro

The former RHOA star recently spoke out after she was cropped out of the intro during a flashback scene.

“Thank you tweetie pies for all of your DM’s and comments!” she wrote. “I see everything you are sending to me! It’s really just a shame people can do these things and get away wit it. If only you really knew! If only you knew.”

NeNe Leakes speaks on latest RHOA episode.
Pic credit: @NeNeLeakes/Twitter

The OG got a slew of supportive messages and many people made it clear that she will never be forgotten.

“Without you NeNe, there would be NO #RHOA, & we all know that for certain,” wrote one commenter.

Twitter user comments on NeNe Leakes' post.
Pic credit: @LadyTi88/Twitter

“We love you! Your legacy can never ever be erased!!! Keep doing you!” said someone else.

One Twitter user said, “What they did is reprehensible. No reason for that except to make the network look bad. Can’t erase what was, you made that show and Ken is bringing it down.”

Twitter users react to NeNe Leakes' post.
Pic credit: @legallyfitt @MJLab59/Twitter

“They would be nothing without you Queen,” said someone else.

NeNe Leakes called out for her tweet telling to network not to use her name

We may have gotten a few clues about why the RHOA editors edited NeNe out of the flashback clip.

Keep in mind that in April of 2022, she filed a discriminating lawsuit against Andy Cohen and Bravo, which was later dropped in August of that year.

One Twitter user also posted a tweet that NeNe wrote back in 2020 — where she said she didn’t want her name mentioned in the show.

Twitter user shares 2020 Tweet from NeNe Leakes
Pic credit: @Parentoid/Twitter

“YOU TOLD BRAVO NOT TO USE YOU OR YOUR NAME! You are such a crap stirrer but now you been EXPOSED! Gross. How did that war work out for you? You are a has been,” said the commenter.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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