Myrla Feria looks very different in throwback photo from 2014 with her thin brows and short hair

Myrla Feria
Myrla Feria looked very different in 2014. Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Myrla Feria had a reputation as a fashionista and fitness enthusiast on Married at First Sight Season 13.

Myrla’s outer appearance is something she values and works hard to maintain, and she’s gone through some major physical transformations over the years.

Recently, Myrla shared a throwback photo from eight years ago, revealing the different way she used to style herself.

Myrla Feria wears short hair in throwback photo

Myrla Feria took to her Instagram stories to share a throwback photo from 2014. 

The photo featured a close-up of Myrla as she smiled in a royal blue collared shirt. 

While MAFS viewers were introduced to Myrla with her long dyed hair and a full set of lash extensions, Myrla’s throwback photo showed a more stripped down and natural version of herself. 

In 2014, Myrla wore her hair short, with the length coming just below the chin. Myrla also donned thinly plucked eyebrows and didn’t appear to wear false lashes in the photo. 

Myrla commented on the changes to her appearance in the image, writing, “2014 when I thought thin brows were in lol” and “Been growing my hair out since!” 

Myrla Feria
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Myrla Feria married and divorced Gil Cuero 

Myrla’s journey on Married at First Sight had lots of viewers talking. 

Myrla was paired with Married at First Sight Season 13 breakout star Gil Cuero, and many questioned why the experts matched them since the two had such a contrast in interests and values. 

While Gil was not money motivated, Myrla was admittedly very motivated by money and the lavish life, which led Gil to often suggest that Myrla was high maintenance. 

Gil and Myrla slowly warmed up to each other throughout their season, largely due to Gil’s patience. Myrla and Gil both chose to say yes on Decision Day. 

However, by the time of the reunion, Myrla and Gil announced that they had divorced. 

Gil was emotional as he recounted Myrla leaving him shortly after Decision Day. The split was particularly damaging because Gil had sold most all his belongings under the impression that he and Myrla would move into a shared place and build a life together. 

MAFS viewers blasted Myrla for her seemingly cold behavior towards Gil at the reunion. Myrla has continued to defend herself and claims that she was always respectful in her relationship with Gil.

While Myrla and Gil have gone their separate ways, Myrla remains friends with several of her costars from the Married at First Sight Season 13 cast. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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