Myrla Feria shares the letter she wrote to her younger self on Married at First Sight  

Myrla Feria
Myrla Feria gave advice to her younger self during a MAFS activity. Pic credit: Lifetime

Myrla Feria appeared on Married at First Sight Season 13, where she developed a reputation of not budging on what she did and didn’t like.

While many Married at First Sight couples were encouraged to partake in activities to grow their connection, Myrla was disinterested in many of the bonding exercises, especially when physical touch was involved.

However, there was one MAFS writing activity that Myrla enjoyed, and she shared what she wrote to herself with friends and followers.

Myrla Feria gives advice to her younger self

Myrla Feria took to Instagram to share a photo of the note she wrote to her younger self while filming Married at First Sight. Myrla wore the letter in pink pen and covered the page in hearts, stars, and squiggles. 

Myrla’s note began with “Advice to my younger self,” and she listed ten pieces of advice that she garnered over the years. 

First, Myrla wrote, “You are your ancestors wildest dreams.” 

Her second bit of affirmation was, “You can achieve everything you set your mind on,” and her third was, “You are worthy of love, respect, affection, and attention.” 

Other advice included, “lift your head up high, be confident,” “don’t tolerate anything that doesn’t bring you joy and laughter,” “trust your gut,” “take every failure as a path to your destiny,” “listen, listen, listen, and slow down.” 

Myrla’s final pieces of advice included, “Trust God’s plan for your life” and “Speak up.” 

Myrla expresses feeling proud of the woman she is today 

Along with sharing her note, Myrla also included a photo of herself when she was a child and a picture with her grandfather. 

Mryla captioned the post, “My favorite Activity from MAFS was writing a letter to our younger selves… I didn’t follow the rules. Shocking. Lol. This didn’t make it to TV so I thought I’d share… March 2021. Instead of the letter, I wrote some affirmations that continue to be a focus for me daily.”

Myrla then included one more letter to herself in the caption, writing, “I’ll add one more: Dear Me, I’m so proud of you and the women you are today. You deserve all the happiness and blessings you’ve received and all the ones yet to come. P.S. this ones for you grandpa.” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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