My 600-lb Life update: Marla McCants looks incredible after leaving the TLC show

My 600-lb Life update: Marla McCants looks incredible after leaving the TLC show
Marla McCants is doing great after her time on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: @truth_yourpoint/Instagram

Appearing on My 600-lb Life Season 3, Marla McCants weighed in at nearly 800 pounds. As fans would expect, she was miserable and almost entirely inactive. The mother of three had gotten too heavy to care for herself and relied on her children for almost everything.

As the TLC show highlighted, Marla had been heavy for much of her life, and trauma had played a large role, like so many others on the series. Since then, however, she’s managed to lose much of the weight, although she has made some accusations about the hit reality show.

Marla McCants’ incredible weight loss

Since appearing on Season 3, Marla McCants has gone on to shed most of her weight. According to Instagram updates, she’s lost several hundred pounds, making her one of the largest successes on the show. Naturally, she looks much happier than she was when she starred in the show, and she’s much more active. Marla’s also less than half the size she used to be.

Her posts also make it look like she’s more active in her local church. As fans might remember, Marla’s faith was one of the few things that got her through her weight loss, aside from her children.

She’s also dedicated to spending time with her children, with her Instagram posts also showing her being more socially active. As her bio notes, Marla McCants is pursuing a career as a motivational speaker and has recently advertised several conferences that she’s involved in.

Marla claims My 600-lb Life lied to her

Marla’s memories of My 600-lb Life are not entirely positive, however. In an update in the years after the show, she let fans know that the TLC show never addressed her lymphedema, as they said they would.

At the time, she teased that she was writing a tell-all book about her experiences with the series. The Nashville resident also recently made a trip back to Detroit – where she’s originally from – to catch up with some friends and family.

Marla McCants isn’t the only former star to have problems with the show, though. Several former cast members have filed lawsuits against Megalomedia, the production company behind the series.

The lawsuits allege that the company promised to pay medical expenses related to each stars’ weight loss surgeries but failed to do so. Whether Marla joins in with them is undetermined.

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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