Marla from My 600-lb update: How is she doing now?

Marla McCants full body photo shows off a slimmer version of the My 600-lb Life star
Marla McCants is looking much slimmer and happier lately. Pic credit: Marla McCants/Facebook

When Marla McCants was introduced on Season 3 of My 600-lb Life, she was miserable, weighing in at near 800 pounds.

Living in Nashville, mother of three Marla at age 45 relied on the help of her children and found solace in her Christian faith because she had become too big to take care of herself.

Marla revealed in her episode of the show that she was also a sufferer of lymphedema.

Marla is originally from Detroit, Michigan, and at one time had weighed more than 800 pounds. On the show she stated that she was always heavy, even as a young child.

Trauma defined her weight gain trajectory, like so many on this show.

Later as an adult, she later fled Detroit and ran away to Nashville to escape her abusive boyfriend. Marla shared that she was also kidnapped at gunpoint. This traumatized her too because her mother had also recently died.

Once she made the decision to do something, Marla had a rough time with her trip to Houston, Texas to meet with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. It appeared as if their personalities seem to clash on the original show.

However since then, Marla shared with a blogger that she was never treated for her lymphedema.

Allegedly, Marla is writing what is described as a “tell all book” and has issues with TLC and the producers of the series.

Marla is less than half the person she used to be and has sworn off fast food. She has continued in her faith and positve messages on her social media.

Marla today, slimmer and healthier. Pic credit: Marla McCants/ Facebook

The good news is that Marla is a genuine success story is one of the best that has emerged from the My 600-lb Life franchise.

But with all struggles, she has to be vigilant, as Marla’s weight loss journey was not easy and she had to overcome many obstacles to get where she is today. And weight can always come back.

On Facebook, Marla posted a full body photo of herself where she looks slimmer. When we first met her, she looked to be in pain and was unable to move much at all.

A still from the original TLC airing of Marla’s story. Pic credit: TLC

Marla has transformed herself and literally looks like a different person. On My 600-lb Life, she was more than twice the size she is now.

We hope to continue see “less” of her and wish Marla McCants the best!

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Antoinette Nichols
Antoinette Nichols
2 years ago

Why did Marla have such a bad attitude on the show? I would have put her in a nursing home and moved on with my life.

2 years ago

I am watching Marla’s story on Life and I want to just slap her. I am glad she stuck with it and she looks beautiful now. What a great success story.

1 year ago
Reply to  Starr

Exactly how she made me feel. Why did she even bother to go to Houston if she was just going to lie in bed & do nothing. She’s lucky she’s not dead. How did she lose all the weight?