MTV Thursdays: Siesta Key to follow Jersey Shore Family Vacation because two beaches are better than one

Jersey Shore and Siesta Key
Siesta Key returns to MTV following Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Pic credit: MTV

Thursdays on MTV are about to get a whole lot more interesting as Siesta Key returns following Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

For weeks, we’ve been tuning in faithfully for Jerzday episodes of Jersey Shore Family Reunion as we get to watch Season 5 of the popular series play out. So far, we’ve seen everything from the breakdown of Angelina’s marriage to the Blessification of Mike Sorrentino.

Don’t stop your GTL routine yet though, because this week, the Jersey Shore family is headed to Las Vegas and things are sure to get even hotter. Then, the crew will head back to the shore to settle in for summer.

Following Jersey Shore Family Vacation on Thursday nights, Siesta Key airs at 9/8c beginning on March 10.

Last season ended with Juliette and Sam getting ready to move in together but it looks like there will be drama with another woman claiming Sam was making her a lot of promises and even said that Juliette was on her way out.

Camilla and Brandon still have a lot to work out as he plays daddy, and she has to deal with the constant reminder that he cheated.

With all this action, two beaches in one night are definitely better than one. Be sure to tune in and don’t miss out on the Thursday night drama.

Jersey Shore Family Values airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV, followed by Siesta Key starting on March 10.

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