Morgan Lolar was spotted in Tulum with ex Evan – while Evan hit on another Temptation Island lady on Instagram

Morgan and Evan from Season 1 of Temptation Island
Morgan was spotted in Tulum with her ex from Temptation Island, Evan, who she said is manipulative and toxic. Pic credit: USA Network

A photo of Morgan from Season 1 of Temptation Island has surfaced of her with her ex from the show, Evan, in Tulum.

The photo was shared on Reddit from Evan’s Instagram story. The subsequent thread on Reddit was a barrage of comments from disappointed fans and people speaking out against abusive relationships.

Fans also noticed the thirsty comment he left for the current season’s participant, Erin, over the weekend while Morgan was in Tulum with him. 

Evan’s behavior on the show and since the show has raised many red flags for viewers and supporters of Morgan. Fans have rallied to speak out against Evan and feel bad for the cycle of abuse that Morgan is caught in.

What Reddit users are saying

Morgan has publicly spoken out multiple times against Evan’s narcissistic and manipulative behavior and said he terrorized her during their relationship. So it was quite surprising for supporters when they saw this picture of her in Tulum, where Evan lives now.

Evan took up residence in Tulum about a month ago, he does not seem to have a job, and shares stories of his partying onInstagram.

One Reddit user made a succinct summary of Evan’s behavior, the culture of victim-blaming, and a compassionate plea not to judge but help people stuck under the thumb of an abusive relationship.

Reddit comments
A fan on Reddit defended Morgan’s choice to continue seeing Evan. Pic credit: @sadgirllovesherdog/Reddit

This comment got 13 awards and over 230 likes.

There were Reddit users blaming Morgan for allowing herself to go back to Evan after everything she said about him. The words “fool” and “pathetic” were thrown around, with people saying that she should be embarrassed.

Reddit comments
Reddit users hated on Morgan for getting back with Evan. Pic credit: @sadgirllovesherdog/Reddit

Evan hit on Erin Smith and Temptation Island fans told him to back off

While Morgan was in Tulum visiting Evan, he was busy desperately commenting on Erin Smith’s photo.

He said, “Look at youuuuuuu.” The comment got 5 replies from followers telling him to get off her page and out of her comments. One person even called him out for currently being in Tulum with Morgan while he wrote that.

A comment on Erin Smiths Instagram
Fans were hating on Evan’s comments on Erin’s picture. Pic credit: @es0oth/Instagram
A comment on Erin Smiths Instagram
Fans wanted Evan to get off Erin’s page with his thirsty comments. Pic credit: @es0oth/Instagram

It is easy to tell that fans are upset either by Evan or Morgan or for their continued involvement despite the substantial drama between them.

During their time on Season 1, the pair had a whirlwind romance, leaving Kaci, Evan’s girlfriend at the time, to leave the island alone after begging him to stay with her. It came out later that his manipulative and narcissistic behavior was a large part of Kaci’s relationship with him too.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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