Miranda Lambert said that The Voice was partially responsible for divorce from Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert on The Voice
Miranda Lambert on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

At one time, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton seemed like the perfect couple.

They were both country stars and were the fresh new faces in the genre for the men’s and women’s sides of the industry.

However, their marriage died much sooner than anyone expected. No one really understood what happened, as neither person spoke out about the divorce and nothing bad ever came out indicating what led to it.

However, Miranda recently did an interview with the Los Angeles Times where she mentioned how The Voice might have disrupted their marriage.

Miranda Lambert is a very private person

Take a look at Blake Shelton’s timeline and you will see one very important trait he possesses. He is very open with his fans.

He shows off pictures of his homelife and intimate photos with his new wife Gwen Stefani, and he often shows a very close kinship with the people who follow him.

Miranda Lambert just wanted to be left alone outside of her career as a performer.

She said she is “private and protective” and that the sudden tabloid headlines were a “shock” to her system.

“And choosing the job I chose — I mean, I get onstage, I’m in front of people,” Miranda explained. “But I didn’t choose random photos of moments when I wasn’t at work.”

She said that she loves being in Nashville with that community and felt her life in Los Angeles, with Blake becoming so successful on The Voice, was “stressful.”

“It taught me that Hollywood is not anything I want to be part of,” Miranda said.

Since their divorce, Miranda did date another country singer but ended up marrying a New York police officer. Blake married another superstar in Gwen Stefani, showing that the former couple had different outlooks on what they wanted their celebrity to look like.

Miranda Lambert shocked at ‘public’ divorce from Blake Shelton

While both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert seem happy now, and it all ended well for the couple, getting there was a shock to the system for Miranda as well.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Miranda said she was not prepared for the tabloid sensation their divorce became.

“It’s not nice sometimes, but I think you’ve got to take it with a grain of salt,” Miranda said about the media attention.

However, Miranda is happy now with her non-celebrity husband.

“[It’s] like some kind of Hallmark movie or something,” Miranda said. “This redneck from Texas meets this beautiful NYPD officer on the street in New York.”

The Voice is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return to NBC in late 2022.

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