Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino says The View’s Whoopi Goldberg gave Jersey Shore cast advice for years

Mike Sorrentino
Mike Sorrentino revealed his special relationship with Whoopi Goldberg. Pic credit: ©

There’s a new situation making headlines from the Jersey Shore cast, but this time, let’s make it wholesome.

Tuesday’s episode of The View featured cast members from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, notably Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

While on The View, he explained that Whoopi Goldberg was a significant influence to the Jersey Shore cast in their OG years.

“I’m very grateful that my life story might one day be someone’s survival guide,” the 41-year-old said.

“My book [Reality Check] that’s coming out in the fall [details] how I overcame addiction and loss in prison. I believe that book is going to save a lot of lives.”

He added, “Believe it or not, Whoopi’s in that book.”

Whoopi Goldberg reveals the advice she gave to the Jersey Shore cast

Whoopi seemed quite proud of herself as she gave a grin to the camera before explaining her connection to the cast.

“When they first came [to The View], they were getting a lot of heat from people, and I was so glad to see you, because they were fresh and they were just ready to do stuff,” the Oscar-winning actress recalled. “I said to them ‘Listen, they’re going to come for you, you’ve just got to stay strong, no matter what.'”

“Whoopi would pull me aside every time I’d come to the show. The glasses were tipped, the pupils were dilated. She knew, and it wasn’t what she said, it’s how she said it, and I’ll never forget that. So, thank you,” Mike said.

Goldberg responded: “I just want to say I’m so proud of y’all, because you did not let them define you, you all defined yourselves, which is everything.”

Mike Sorrentino opens up on tell-all memoir

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, The Situation is becoming The Author with his tell-all memoir Reality Check: Making the Best of The Situation.

He recently unveiled the cover of the book and announced that it was the number one-selling book in new releases on Amazon.

The book retails for $29.99 and is available for purchase, with or without Amazon Prime benefits.

About his memoir, Mike revealed that he “didn’t leave anything out.”

“Reality Check is my story of Hope, Loss, Love and Redemption. About hitting rock bottom but never giving up. It’s the first time I’ve been able to truly share my full story, and I didn’t leave anything out,” Situation said.

He explained that the book will include “crazy stories” about his days of drug addiction and how he “worked to find a lasting sobriety.”

“I tell some hilarious, behind the scenes stories from Jersey Shore, and reveal what my first impressions were of all my castmates. Hint: I had previously dated one,” he teased.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Jersey Shore are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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