Miguel admits he and Lindy sold MAFS fans a ‘love story’ but things were ‘rocky’ off-camera

Former MAFS couple Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago opens up about his marriage to Lindy Elloway. Pic credit: Lifetime

There’s a slew of new Married at First Sight fans thanks to Netflix and after binging the latest seasons, they want answers.

Season 15 star Miguel Santiago provided much of that in a recent interview where he confessed to putting on a show for viewers.

Miguel and his ex-wife Lindy Elloway weren’t happy with how their marriage was portrayed, so they tweaked their onscreen behavior.

However, despite selling fans a love story that we bought hook, line, and sinker — at least for a little while — Miguel admitted that behind the scenes things were rocky between them.

We saw cracks in the couple’s relationship early on as Lindy wasn’t shy about telling the other women about her issues with Miguel.

The problem, however, was that during the group scenes, she would change her tune and pretend things were great with their marriage.

Despite riding things out for a little while after the season ended, the couple called it quits and are now divorced, but Miguel is spilling more tea about their relationship.

Did MAFS couple Miguel and Lindy put on a show for the cameras?

Miguel didn’t say that he and Lindy plotted a fake storyline Denver-style for the viewers, but they came very close.

During a recent interview on the Stefs Rock Show, he shared what happened during filming and confessed that things were not as they seemed.

“Within a month of us finishing the filming of the Where Are They Now, we split up,” said the MAFS alum. “I had asked Lindy for a divorce at that point cause things were just really rocky between us.”

Miguel shed some light on what went wrong for the former lovebirds.

“What you guys don’t see is that behind the scenes, I don’t wanna say we tried to control the narrative,” said Miguel, who added that he and Lindy felt the show was not accurately depicting their relationship.

Despite things being “really rocky” behind closed doors, the couple decided, “Let’s try to give them the love story that they want so they can show us in a better light.”

Miguel says he and Lindy made the right choice to get divorced

Despite admittedly trying to manipulate their storyline, viewers could tell that someone was off, and Miguel got the brunt of the blame for his behavior on the show.

Now that Season 15 was recently released on Netflix, Miguel is in the line of fire again, getting hate from new fans of the popular series.

“To this day I still get kind of, a lot of hate,” confessed Miguel, who said despite the disappointment from fans, he has no regrets about their divorce.

“Ultimately, it’s for the better, you can ask Lindy as well, she’s much happier now, not with me, so I think we made the right call,” he added.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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