Michelle Duggar pops up to babysit Joy-Anna Duggar’s kids

Michelle Duggar confessional
Michelle Duggar popped up at Joy-Anna Duggar’s house. Pic credit: TLC

Sightings of Michelle Duggar are few and far between these days.

She has all but disappeared since her oldest son, Josh Duggar, was convicted of sending and receiving child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

Counting On viewers have seen her appear in some holiday footage shared by some siblings, but most often, it’s just a glimpse.

This time, though, Joy-Anna Duggar gave her followers a better look at Michelle, as “Lolli” came to visit and keep the kids for a few hours while she and Austin Forsyth spent the afternoon together.

Michelle didn’t say much or remain on camera, but she did say something interesting.

While Joy-Anna was filming with Gideon, she told the camera that her mom couldn’t stand Gunner crying, so she went to get him.

As she walked by, she mumbled that she used to let her kids cry, but she couldn’t let him.

Michelle Duggar’s parenting has come under fire before

Michelle Duggar quickly walked by with the comment and was only seen briefly after as she packed the car to leave.

Over the years, there’s been a lot of criticism for how Michelle did (or didn’t) raise her children.

From the older siblings raising the younger ones (buddy systems) to the blanket training she used on her kids, many questioned why she would have so many children and not be active in their lives.

However, everyone knows that Jim Bob Duggar makes the rules, and Michelle is the one who makes sure they are followed.

Some siblings have opened up about being raised in the Duggar household — with Jill Duggar being one of them. She wrote a lot about her dad and his strict rules, but she seems to have a soft spot for her mom.

Michelle Duggar shows up for her kids

Interestingly enough, it seems that Michelle Duggar may not be as ready to cut her children out as her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, seems to be.

Despite the ups and downs with Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, Michelle went to their home to care for her daughter following the birth of the couple’s third child, Frederick.

Michelle also flew to California to be there for Jinger Duggar when she and Jeremy Vuolo welcomed their second daughter, Evangeline Jo.

Even though Michelle has chosen to step away from the spotlight following what happened with Josh Duggar, she occasionally pops up.

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