Michaela Clark reveals why she would do Married at First Sight all over again

Michaela Clark
Michaela Clark opens up about Married at First Sight now that she’s officially divorced. Pic credit: Lifetime

Michaela Clark returned to social media and allowed fans’ to ask her personal questions about her time on Married at First Sight. 

Michaela gave vulnerable and honest answers as she reflected on her Married at First Sight experience. 

Despite having a tumultuous marriage and divorce from Zack Freeman, Michaela also revealed that she would do the show all over again. 

Michaela Clark gets candid about Zack Freeman and Married at First Sight 

Michaela Clark opened herself up to questions, and a fan asked, “If you had it to do all over again, would you? Why or why not?” 

Michaela responded, “I asked one of my castmates this the other day and gasped when their answer was yes. Now, thinking of the entire journey, not just the negative parts I would say yes.” 

The MAFS star continued, “While I didn’t get the outcome I wanted and I showed out in front of the cameras. It changed me forever. I learned lessons and gained tools I didn’t know I needed sooner rather than later. I like who I am now and I’m only here because of that experiment. A year ago, I could not have imagined being here. It’s almost like I’m living in an alternate reality and I love it.” 

Michaela Clark's Instagram story
Pic credit: @she_is_mic/Instagram

Another fan asked, “If Zack reached out and wanted to try again, would you?” 

Michaela replied, “We tried over a year ago. Went the whole mile got married and everything. But now we’re divorced and two different people, on different paths. I wish him continuous healing and hope he finds his forever love and builds the beautiful family and life he desires.” 

Michaela Clark's Instagram story
Pic credit: @she_is_mic/Instagram

One follower inquired, “What makes you say it wasn’t your real wedding.” 

Michaela answered, “Once I learned everything was just for show all of the significance got sucked out of the wedding for me. That was pretty much the only thing I had left to hold on to as my personal little alive of heaven but even that was fake lol.” 

Michaela Clark's Instagram story
Pic credit: @she_is_mic/Instagram

Michaela Clark says life is great after Married at First Sight 

A MAFS fan asked Michaela, “How’s life after the experiment? Do you think buddy was just… … to soft for you?”

In part of Michaela’s reply, she shared, “Life after the experiment is great. A little bumpy in the beginning but now it’s just lovely. I think we just needed two different types of partners. Even if things would have remained butterflies and sunshine through the experiment, ultimately we were not fit to be life partners.” 

Michaela Clark's Instagram story
Pic credit: @she_is_mic/Instagram

Looking to her future, fans wanted to know if Michaela is back on the dating scene. A fan questioned, “Have you decided to start dating again?” 

Michaela replied, “Yes, but currently I’m not looking for anything significant. Just enjoying my time. I never actually understood those ‘something causal’ choices on people’s dating app profiles until now.” 

Michaela Clark's Instagram story
Pic credit: @she_is_mic/Instagram

Michaela appears hopeful about her future now that she and Zack Freeman are officially divorced.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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