Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio are quaratanting with ex-wife Sarah Jessen and her husband Sean Naso

Michael and Sarah are under one roof during quarantine along with their spouses
90 Day Fiance exes, Michael and Sarah are in quarantined together with their spouses. Pic credit: @ michael_jessen_77/@keathley76/Instagram

Most people wouldn’t want to be stuck in a house with their exes for more than a few minutes, but this isn’t the case for former 90 Day Fiance couple, Michael Jessen and ex-wife, Sarah.

In a strange twist of events, the exes are quarantining together amidst the government-mandated lockdown, implemented to stem the outbreak of COVID-19.

Don’t hold out any hope that these two are reconciling. Their significant others – Michael’s wife, model Juliana Custodio, and Sarah’s husband, Sean Naso – are there right along with them.

Furthermore, the Jessen kids, Cece and Max, are also in quarantine with their blended family.

Why are the exes spending quarantine together?

The couples recently made an appearance on the Tamron Hall show, and Sarah explained how this quarantine situation came to be.

“Well, even before the quarantine, Michael and Sean became really good friends, and Juliana and I became really good friends, and we only live about a mile and a half from each other, and we found ourselves together often, almost every single night.”

She continued, “and then when the quarantine happened, it just seemed to make sense to keep all the germs in one house. So that we all stay together so that I can help the kids with their homework and help Juliana with housework, and then Mike and Sean can play music together and just have a good time.”

It might seem strange to some people, but this is not the first time the couples have lived together.

The exes are a close blended family

In January, a plumbing issue in Sarah and Sean’s home meant that they had to come up with a Plan B quickly.

So Sarah contacted her ex to ask if they could crash with him until the problem was fixed, and he was more than kind in his response, saying in part, “You are always welcome no matter what, and don’t ever need to ask.”

Adding, “We are happy that we are in the position to help.”

Sarah even thanked Juliana and Michael on her Instagram page, sharing a screenshot of their text exchange.

It’s not clear how long Sarah and Sean stayed with the Jessen’s the first time around.

However, things must have gone pretty well because, fast forward to COVID-19, and here they are once again spending time together under one roof.

It’s always great when divorced parents can get along for the sake of the kids, and even better when they get along because they genuinely like and respect each other; kudos to them!

You can catch more happy couples on this season of 90 Day Fiance currently airing every Sunday night at 8/7 central on TLC.

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