Michael Allio writes vulnerable message about late wife and son James for Mother’s Day

Michael Allio
Michael Allio receives love and support from Bachelor Nation after composing a heart-wrenching post. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Allio shared a deeply touching post over Mother’s Day weekend.

After publicly sharing his story on The Bachelorette Season 17, viewers learned that Michael was a widower, and raising a young son as a single father.

With Mother’s Day this past Sunday, Michael continued to open up about how the holidays stir up many complex emotions and grief over the loss of his late wife Laura Allio. 

Michael Allio navigates loss as son James grows up 

Michael Allio took to Instagram to share a series of precious photos featuring him and his son James reading a book that Michael created called The Train. 

While the photos were heartwarming and jovial, Michael’s caption was movingly heartbreaking. 

Michael began by writing, “On the eve of Mother’s Day I’ve got to admit, James is more conscious and asks more questions about Laura than ever before. I’ve tried to create an environment that encourages open discussion… but cannot help but feel as though I’m coming up short.”

Michael went on to admit, “Holidays are always tough but this week hit harder than usual. At school, James’ classmates were hard at work making Mother’s Day gifts and discussing ways of making the day extra special. I could see the pain in his eyes when he came home and it broke me.”

Sharing how he tries to offer his son comfort surrounding the absence of his mother, Michael wrote, “I tell him that he’s not alone. I tell him that his mother is special because not all mothers have wings. I tell him that she lives in our hearts and is with us even if we cannot see her. I tell him all of this… when in fact all I should be doing is listening.”

Michael concluded his caption by candidly expressing, “Mothers are special. They do things that others cannot. Life’s not fair… but there’s so much love under this roof that we don’t need it to be. We’re lucky to have each other… and for us that’s more than enough. But for now… we’re all just missing HER.”

Bachelor Nation responds to Michael Allio’s beautifully-written post 

After so eloquently and emotionally detailing his feelings surrounding loss, an outpouring of fans and Bachelor Nation stars flocked to the comments to show their love and support. 

Michael’s The Bachelorette Season 17 costar, Justin Glaze, wrote, “He’s lucky to have you my man.” 

Michael responded, “thanks man. Out here trying my hardest.” 

A Bachelor fan page commented, “James is so lucky to have a dad like you. I just know Laura is proud.” 

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star Chris Conran sang Michael’s praises, commenting, “You’re a PHENOMENAL dad and any son would be lucky to have you as a father,” along with writing, “love you brother,” with a series of red heart emojis. 

Michael Allio's comment section
Pic credit: @michael_alliol4/Instagram

As Michael Allio continues to use his platform to detail the joys and challenges of fatherhood as a single dad, Bachelor Nation continues to root for Michael and his son James. 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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