The Bachelorette’s Michael Allio is ‘lonely’ and ready to start dating again

michael allio and katie thurston
The Bachelorette’s Michael Allio reveals he’s ready to start dating again after the show. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette’s Michael Allio got real with fans about his dating status and love life today.

The single dad appears ready to give relationships another chance as he announced he’s excited to start dating again and gave insight into what he looks for in a partner.

Michael Allio is single and ready to start dating again after The Bachelorette

Fan-favorite contestant Michael stole fans’ hearts on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, but now he’s ready to give his own heart to someone else.

Michael revealed he’s been taking a break from dating in an Instagram Q&A but said that he’s willing to try again.

“So I’m totally single and took a hiatus from dating for a little bit,” Michael answered a question asking if he was dating anyone. “Looking to get myself back out there because I just miss the companionship part and it’s starting to get lonely, so hopefully soon.”  

Michael Allio instagram
Pic credit: @michael_allioI4/Instagram

The Bachelorette alum also gave a few details on what he looks for in a significant other when a fan asked how young of a partner he would consider.

“I know 40-year-olds that act like they’re 20 and 25-year-olds that act like they’re 40,” Michael said. “They just have to be mature, they have to be fun, they have to understand and have perspective in life, and then I’m open.”  

Michael Allio Instagram
Pic credit: @michael_allioI4/Instagram

Michael Allio revealed what he loved most about his late wife

Michael, who sparked tears from Katie and viewers over the story of losing his wife, also answered what he loved most about her.

“There were so many things I loved about her, but one thing in particular was her humor, and she was always in a good mood,” Michael told fans. “I think you have to be able to have humor in order to navigate all life’s craziness.”

Michael Allio Instagram
Pic credit: @michael_allioI4/Instagram

Michael recently paid tribute to his late wife on the third anniversary of her death in a heartfelt Instagram post.

“This beautiful angel shaped me in ways I could never fully explain and touched the hearts of countless others along the way,” Michael wrote. “On days like today, I hold my loved ones a little tighter…I like to think it’s because Laura is holding them too.”

Although Michael and Katie did not end up together, The Bachelorette played a role in helping the widower on his journey to find love again after losing his wife to cancer.

It appears Michael took some time to himself after his appearance on the show but is now fully ready to try for love again.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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