The Bachelorette’s Michael Allio, Justin Glaze, and Greg Grippo reunite in New York

Justin Glaze and Greg Grippo
Katie Thurston’s contestants reunite in New York for the weekend. Pic credit: @justinglaze/Instagram

Three of Katie Thurston’s final four contestants reunited in New York for a weekend out together.

Michael Allio, Justin Glaze, and Greg Grippo met up in New York City for drinks, dinner, and even a trip to the dog park with Bachelor in Paradise’s Natasha Parker.

Michael took to Instagram to document some of the group’s best moments from their reunion.

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Michael Allio, Justin Glaze, and Greg Grippo reunite in New York

Despite all three men failing to find love while on the show, their friendship has remained strong in the time since. Michael, Justin, and Greg appeared relaxed and happy to be back together as they posed for photos.

The three enjoyed dinner in the city, a night out, and a catch-up with Natasha and her dog.

Michael included several light-hearted videos in his Instagram post, including one where Justin danced along to the music while in a restaurant.

“We’re vibing out here,” Michael told the camera.

Katie Thurston’s contestants met up with Bachelor in Paradise’s Natasha Parker

The single dad also thrived on taking several shots and clips when his friends weren’t aware of the camera. Justin was featured browsing a menu while out to eat and later in conversation with Natasha while seemingly holding her dog.

The pair sat together on a bench surrounded by several dogs in one video before Michael panned to include Greg, who was sitting across the lot by himself.

“NYC photo dump. Actually these are the only pictures I have of the whole weekend… must have been really fun,” Michael captioned the Instagram post.

Both Justin and Natasha jumped into the comment section to double down on enjoying the weekend together.

“My man!! Always a good time,” Justin wrote.

“Awww doggy daycare was the best, and we get GG a puppy asap,” Natasha wrote.

Michael Allio Instagram comments
Pic credit: @michael_allioI4/Instagram

The three have not appeared on the franchise since they made it to the final four on The Bachelorette. Michael was briefly rumored to be the next Bachelor but has previously opened up about his hesitation in taking over the role.

Greg also revealed he likely will not return to the franchise after announcing he’s dating again. Justin has been more tight-lipped on a possible reappearance but is currently touring on Bachelor Live on Stage, so there is always hope for another season.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if the men are willing to give love on a reality show another chance.

The Bachelorette returns July 11 on ABC.

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