Michael Allio shows love to ‘widower community’ amid backlash 

Michael Allio
Michael Allio takes a shot at love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Pic credit: @michael_alliol4/Instagram

Michael Allio has been in hot water after recent episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Previously, Michael was a fan favorite among viewers when he appeared on The Bachelorette Season 17; however, he’s faced some critique on BIP.

Earlier in the season, Michael connected with The Bachelor Season 26 star Sierra Jackson. 

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Sierra began to plan for a future outside the show with Michael and his son James and even gave Michael the stars literally in a thoughtful gesture. 

Despite their connection, Michael felt he wasn’t ready to move forward with Sierra and suggested it was because of his hangups from his past and grief as a widow. 

Sierra left the island after the split, but Michael stayed and immediately dived into a relationship with Danielle Maltby. The situation appeared very contrived to viewers who questioned if Michael and Danielle had a pre-established relationship. 

While Michael has received flak, he instead focused on showing support to the widower community on social media. 

Michael Allio is honored to be a public voice for widowers 

Michael and Danielle had a heartfelt one-on-one date on Bachelor in Paradise as the two bonded over losing their significant others. 

Danielle lost her fiance to a drug overdose, and Michael lost his wife, Laura, to cancer. 

Michael took to his Instagram Stories to share posts from fellow widows who were touched by his story. 

In one post, Michael shared comments from a woman who admitted to sobbing during Michael’s date and expressed how his story hits hard for widowers learning to date again. 

Michael reacted to the comment by acknowledging his mixed reception from fans and finding the positive in his BIP appearance. 

He wrote, “I know people have their opinions about me right now, but I’m most proud of messages like this. I love my widower community. I’m so grateful for you and am honored to be a public voice to help explain the struggles and complexities that we face… everyday.” 

Michael Allio's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @michael_alliol4/Instagram

He shared another post from a viewer who also sobbed during Michael and Danielle’s date and thanked them both for using their voice. 

Michael offered the commenter words of encouragement, writing, “Stay strong. There are better days ahead. I promise.” 

Michael Allio's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @michael_alliol4/Instagram

Michael Allio says Casey Woods is still recovering 

Michael and Casey built a friendship in Paradise after appearing in two seasons of The Bachelorette. 

Casey’s experience on Bachelor in Paradise ended when he fainted, injured his ankle on the beach and was rushed to the doctor. 

Michael showed love to Casey on his Instagram Stories and revealed that Casey is still in the process of recovering from his injuries. 

Michael Allio's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @michael_alliol4/Instagram

Michael captioned the post, “Show [Casey Woods] some love. Poor guy is still recovering. Get better brother.” 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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