Michael Allio refutes Genevieve Parisi’s claims about the conditions in Paradise 

Michael Allio
Michael Allio talks about being “lucky” while filming Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Allio appears to have had a different Bachelor in Paradise experience than co-star Genevieve Parisi. 

Recently, Michael reacted to Genevieve’s claims that filming Bachelor in Paradise wasn’t easy. 

Michael expressed why he felt they were actually fortunate filming the show and suggested Genevieve’s message on the conditions in Paradise was inaccurate. 

So far, Michael has had a successful time in Paradise. 

Several women expressed attraction to him, and he struck a sweet bond with Sierra Jackson, who received his rose during the first Bachelor in Paradise rose ceremony. 

Meanwhile, Genevieve’s experience on the show has been an emotional roller coaster, with her having ups and downs with Justin Glaze and now exploring a relationship with Aaron Clancy. 

Michael Allio says BIP Season 8 cast was ‘lucky’ 

Genevieve took to Twitter to share the toll filming Bachelor in Paradise took on her and admitted wanting to leave several times. 

She tweeted, “Honestly the amount of times I wanted to leave that place is scary. Imagine 3 hours of sleep and 90% humidity. It’s not easy people!!! #BachelorInParadise.” 

Michael replied with a tweet that he too remembers filming and described a rather pleasant experience, including having all meals prepared for them, waking up by the ocean, and “spending your day talking to friends and working through our problems in hopes of walking away healthier…”.

Michael continued, “It gets harder… trust me. We weren’t tortured. We were lucky.” 

In a separate comment, he expressed that Genevieve’s tweet made it sound like the cast was “being held against our will and in poor conditions which isn’t the case.” 

He added that his tweet was not an attempt to dismiss Genevieve’s feelings and that everyone is entitled to their perspective.

Michael Allio and Genevieve Parisi's tweets
Pic credit: @MichaelAllio/Twitter

Michael Allio sheds tears with Sierra Jackson 

Sierra and Michael have been getting to know each other on the island, and the pair had an emotional moment together. 

Michael opened up about his late wife, Laura Allio, who passed away from cancer. 

As a widow, Michael raises his son James as a single dad.

Michael admitted to Sierra that dating is sometimes challenging for him to navigate. He also opened up about how he grieved his wife and adjusted his life and even how he slept. 

Sierra shed tears upon hearing Michael get vulnerable and Michael also became choked up. Sierra also assured Michael that no one would replace his late wife, and he appreciated her understanding.  

It remains to be seen how Michael and Sierra will move forward with their relationship on the island. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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