Michael Allio injured in car crash with son after brakes went out driving downhill

Michael and James Allio
Michael Allio and his family were in a car crash while on vacation. Pic credit: @michael_allioI4/Instagram

Michael Allio was left with a broken hand after his family vacation took a scary turn when the brakes on their car malfunctioned.

The former Bachelorette contestant was vacationing with his parents and 5-year-old son in the Virgin Islands when they got into a car crash.

Michael shared a shocking photo with fans of the damage, an update on his broken hand, and information on how his parents and son James are doing.

Michael Allio breaks hand in shocking car crash

Michael, his parents, and son James were headed to Magen’s Bay Beach when their brakes went out while driving down a hill. The family hit another car on the passenger side, where Michael was sitting in the front seat.

The reality TV star showed just how severe the crash was in a photo posted to his Instagram story of the front right side of the vehicle.

“We’re safe but very scary moment. Car breaks went out as we’re driving downhill. Parents and James are fine. I may have broken my hand,” he captioned the photo.

Michael Allio
Pic credit: @michael_allioI4/Instagram

A huge chunk of the car was smashed, and another piece of the vehicle was barely hanging on.

He again took to Instagram to update anxious fans on the incident several hours later in a video posted to his story.

“Crazy day today. Let me tell you, not a good way to start your vacation,” Michael said. “It could have been so bad, just kinda thankful with everything that happened – I think I broke my hand, but other than that, I think everything is completely fine, which, if that’s all we have, it’s truly a miracle if you saw this.”

Michael Allio
Pic credit: @michael_allioI4/Instagram

Michael Allio in car crash on family vacation to the Virgin Islands

He reassured fans that everyone else was unharmed and ended the message by thanking fans for their support.

Michael Allio became a beloved Bachelorette contestant on Katie Thurston’s Season after he opened up about his heartbreaking story of losing his wife to cancer.  

The single dad has not been shy since about sharing updates on his life with James, and the two had been eagerly planning their trip to St. Thomas together for weeks.

Michael even previously posted a shot of the two’s “strategy session” over breakfast out together.

The Bachelorette fan-favorite did not say how the crash would impact the rest of their vacation, or if he had been treated for his injuries at the time.

The Bachelorette returns on July 11th on ABC.

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