Michael Allio’s son gives Clayton Echard some no-nonsense advice and Clayton reacts

Michael Allio
Michael Allio cracks up at son James’ advice for Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation fan-favorite Michael Allio recently had a The Bachelor watch party with his son James.

In a hilarious moment, Michael asked James what he thought of current Bachelor lead Clayton Echard and James had some blunt advice for Clayton that many The Bachelor viewers agree with.

Michael Allio’s son James thinks Clayton Echard kisses too much

Michael Allio tuned into The Bachelor recently and his young son James joined him to review the episode. 

Taking to his Instagram stories, Michael shared a video by the television as he stated, “So watching a little bit of The Bachelor with James.” 

Michael then asked James, “What’s your take on Clayton” and James didn’t hold back with his response. 

Michael Allio Instagram story
Pic credit: @michael_alliol4/Instagram

James adorably and passionately advised Clayton, “Stop kissing everybody, man.” 

Michael was tickled by James’ blunt response and clearly found it funny while still aiming to reassure Clayton that he’s doing a good job as the Bachelor lead. 

Michael wrote, “James with the ?” as well as writing, “SORRY [Clayton Echard]! Clearly James doesn’t understand the assignment. Doing great buddy.” 

Michael Allio Instagram story
Pic credit: @michael_alliol4/Instagram

Clayton Echard reacts to James’ advice

Clayton Echard, who is often active on social media, caught wind of Michael and James’ video and shared it on his Instagram stories. 

Clayton had a rebuttal to James’ request that he stop kissing everybody, writing, “But I like them, James!!” 

Clayton Echard Instagram story
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

Interestingly, James isn’t the only one who has noticed the excessive amount of lip-locking on this season of The Bachelor.

During The Bachelor Season 26 premiere, Clayton broke the record for most kisses on the first night.

Some The Bachelor viewers have voiced the feeling that Clayton has done more kissing than conversing with the women and believe he’s often been led more by his physical attraction than mental and emotional attraction to the women, in particular former villain Shanae Ankney. 

Like some viewers, James clearly appears tired of all the kissing, but it’s likely there’s a lot more in store with fantasy suites around the corner. 

Previews for the remainder of the season show Clayton doing a lot of kissing and crying as things get a lot more serious with his final four women. 

Clayton also is set to reveal which women he devastates with the news that he was intimate with more than one. 

As the drama heightens, time will tell if Michael and James continue to give their thoughts on the season. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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