Meri Brown’s social media activity could drop major hints about a split with Kody Brown

Meri Brown looking upset while talking
Meri Brown looks upset as she talks to Kody about their marriage. Pic credit: TLC.

Meri Brown has been dropping major hints on Instagram about a possible split with husband Kody Brown. The Sister Wives star and her husband of 30 years have not made an official announcement about breaking up, but it’s obvious from watching their marital struggles on the show that there may be trouble in paradise.

Looking at Meri Brown’s social media activity, it appears the TLC star is not only living her best life right now but is also looking better than ever. She’s lost weight, changed her makeup, turned her focus to her businesses, and seems more confident than ever.

Meri Brown has hinted about a split from Kody on Instagram

With all that said, she may not have made a statement about splitting from Kody, but she has definitely hinted at it.

Meri has been posting all kinds of inspiring quotes and words that could point to her real feelings about the plural marriage that she was a part of for so long.

In an Instagram post from January 30, the Sister Wives star glowed as she revealed some deeper feelings.

She wrote, “I distance myself from toxicity, and draw closer to positivity. I create a safe and positive physical space to be surrounded by. I enjoy being with the people who enjoy being with me. I want people in my life who want to share and occupy the same space, and cherish the good times with them.”

Meri Brown Instagram post
Meri Brown looks confident in an Instagram post where she writes about her deeper feelings. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Is Meri trying to communicate her real feelings to the world?

Is Meri letting Kody know she’s ready to live a more positive life away from him? Fans think that the claims about “being with people who enjoy being with me” might be a hint that she is ready to move on.

In an April episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Meri were seen getting pretty honest about their real feelings about their marriage during a counseling session.

At the time, Meri said, “People ask me all the time why I don’t leave. The relationship between he and I is gone, it’s dead, it’s over.” Well, if that doesn’t spell the end of a marriage, not much else does.

In another episode, the two were heard talking about their relationship once again. Meri said, “He doesn’t want to move forward with trying to work things out with me.”

Kody bitterly responded, “I can never be honest because she’s unable to move away from being the victim.”

Clearly, resentment has been building in the marriage for some time.

Meri got philosophical about the people in her life on Instagram

In another Instagram post, Meri wrote,  “Whether with my business associates or in my personal life, I can’t force anyone to be who they’re not, feel how they don’t feel, or meet me anywhere they’re not willing or able to meet me.”

She continued, “And that’s ok. I’ll be here for them when they are. I can only control me and how I respond or react to any given situation. I make my own choices and I’m responsible for them.”

We’re looking at you, Kody! Perhaps Meri is finally learning to accept that she can’t control how her husband feels and is ready to move on?

Meri Brown Instagram post
Meri Brown shared an Instagram post about the people in her life. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Meri and Kody’s marriage started getting rocky in 2014

In 2014, Meri and Kody’s marriage really hit a downward spiral when they divorced so Kody could adopt fourth wife Robyn’s children from a previous marriage. At the time, Meri, his first wife, was the only one to whom he was legally married.

Later on, Meri was involved in a catfishing scandal- she fell in love with a man who turned out to be a woman.

During an episode of Sister Wives, she said, “This catfish was planting things in my head and telling me how horrible my family was and specifically how horrible Kody was. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t want him around. I was just angry. Just angry at him.”

Meri and Kody snubbed each other on their 30th anniversary

On their 30th wedding anniversary, Kody and Meri didn’t make any mention of each other on social media.

Meri simply posted a picture with a puppy as well as a series of quotes on Instagram stories. One quote said, “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.”

Have the Sister Wives stars ended things for good? We’ll have to keep an eye on her Instagram to see how Meri is really feeling.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus from TLC. 

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Julianna Sulkey Pettigrew
Julianna Sulkey Pettigrew
3 years ago

Meri. You look Awesome. It’s so sad that you and Cody cant fix things. It’s not like you haven’t tried. He just won’t try. . Christine now. Shes the jealous one. I think you have to give it to God. I cant wait to watch the next season.