Meri Brown shares emotional tribute to late sister — Who is Teresa Barber Kunz and how did she die?

Meri Brown pays tribute to her late sister Teresa.
Meri Brown shares a fond memory of her sister Teresa. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown shared an emotional tribute to her late sister, Teresa Barber Kunz. The message has Sister Wives fans wondering about Teresa, as well as how she died.

Lately, the reality TV star has been sharing cryptic messages on social media. There was one post that made it crystal clear to fans what was going on with Meri.

She not only paid tribute to Teresa, but Meri also revealed one of the things her late sister dearly loved.

Meri remembers Teresa

Fans of Meri know she loves all things, Disney. It turns out her late sister Teresa also loved Disney but, more importantly, Mickey Mouse.

“If you may have had the pleasure to know my sister Teresa, you would have known that her love for Mickey would have left me in the dust! I mean, Mickey was where it was at!” Meri shared in part of her message alongside a photo of Teresa and Mickey.

Meri revealed that growing up, her grandparents lived in Southern California, which meant summer trips to Disneyland for the family. Then she shared the memory behind the photo.

“Teresa always had a dream of going to Disney World in Florida. When she was diagnosed with cancer, her sweet husband knew it was time to get here there. I’m so glad he did. This is one of my favorite photos of her there. What a dream come true for her!!” Meri revealed.

Who is Teresa and how did she die?

As Meri shared in her message, Teresa had cancer. Fifteen years ago, Teresa was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Sadly, she passed away a short 11 months after the family learned Teresa had the disease at age 32.

In her tribute, Meri admitted she couldn’t believe she has lived without her sister for 14 years. Teresa was one of Meri’s six siblings.

She left behind her husband Jeffrey, as well as their four children — Jessica, Vionna, William, and MyKenna. Like Meri, Teresa lived a polygamous lifestyle. She was Jeffrey’s second wife.

Fans of Sister Wives know that Meri would speak of her sister often in the early seasons of the hit TLC show. Teresa’s death prompted Meri and her siblings to get a colonoscopy.

The family continues to get regular checkups. Meri also routinely reminds fans of the importance of getting a colonoscopy.

Meri Brown fondly remembered her sister Teresa Barber Kunz on the 14th anniversary of her death. The Sister Wives star shared a happy memory but also reminded fans life is short.

Meri reiterated the importance of living life to the fullest each day.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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