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Meri Brown defends her style after Sister Wives fan criticizes her makeup

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is defending her style against the haters.
Meri Brown has a message for those criticizing her style. Pic credit: @MeriBrown/Instagram

Meri Brown is defending her style after a Sister Wives fan criticized her makeup on social media. She is fed up with being told what to do or wear and is speaking out about it.

Last week, one troll told Meri to seek professional help to learn how to do her makeup. The TLC personality appeared unbothered by the comment, but now, she has a message for those who keep critiquing her style.

Meri’s powerful message to fans and haters

The Sister Wives star used Instagram to stop the madness surrounding her wardrobe, makeup, and her personal style in general.

Meri is a t-shirt and jeans kind of lady. She loves that the style is comfortable and not showy or flashy. Plus, the pieces are versatile. Meri can dress them up with heels or throw on sneakers to work in the yard. Anything goes with a t-shirt and jeans combo.

The world keeps telling Meri to change her look. However, it is her style, and she will dress the way she wants, not the way others think she should. Meri makes it clear she has no intention of altering her style.

“I’ll do what ‘I’ want. If I want to wear jeans and a t-shirt all day every day, I will. If I want to wear a skirt and a t-shirt with sneakers, I will. If I want to dress up for a night out, I will. If I want to wear lipstick, well, that will just never happen, be assured!” she shared in part of her lengthy social media message.

Meri explained that the only person she has to listen to is herself. She is a grown adult who has raised a daughter and is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

At age 50, Meri is comfortable in her own skin with her look and also telling it like it is to the haters

A message of positivity

The reality TV star also added a positive message to her post. Meri has lived life. All of the ups and downs have shaped her into the magnificent, powerful, and strong woman she is today.

Meri then implored her followers to own their style before dolling out some solid advice.

“Don’t let the world tell you otherwise. Find your style and be confident in it! Find your cause and fight for it! Find your passion and create it! YOU matter. YOU are amazing. YOU can conquer that goal. YOU can feel confident in your own skin. YOU can do hard things. YOU can do ALL the things! You got this!!” she said, ending her post.

People have strong opinions regarding Meri’s style, but she is over being told what to do. She doesn’t need help or suggestions and has politely told people to mind their own business.

Everyone can learn a thing or two about accepting themselves and being honest in a positive manner from the Sister Wives star.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.