Meredith Marks talks RHOSLC reunion, says she didn’t want to bring out ‘receipts’

RHOSLC star Meredith Marks says she went into the reunion armed with receipts
Meredith Marks brought receipts to RHOSLC reunion. Pic credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City recently aired the first of its three-part reunion.

And the women certainly brought the heat, just as they did throughout the season.

Two castmates who faced off during the reunion were Jen Shah and Meredith Marks. The two women started as friends, but cracks started to show in their relationship mid-season.

During the first part of the reunion, Meredith and Jen tried to hash out their issues, but not much was resolved. However, Meredith just made it clear she went into the reunion armed with receipts!

But did she use them?

Meredith Marks says she had receipts

The Real Housewives of salt Lake City star sat down with Page Six to chat about the recently aired reunion. She revealed some interesting details about how she prepared to face off with her castmates.

Meredith shared that after rewatching some of the episodes, she took notes and strategically organized them.

“We all have ‘receipts’ as some like to say. You know, whether it’s screenshots of stuff or texts or whatever,” said the RHOSLC star.

However, Meredith admitted she didn’t want to use them to prove her point despite having her notes.

“I went in with the objective of not showing anything that is a receipt, so to speak,” she commented.

Will Meredith show her receipts at some point during the RHOSLC reunion?

During her chat with the media outlet, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star continued to dish about bringing receipts to the reunion.

During Part 1, we saw her face off with Jen Shah, but the brunette beauty didn’t pull anything out to try and prove her point. But there are still two parts of the RHOSLC Season 1 reunion left to air, so should fans expect her to pull them out at some point?

Based on her response, it doesn’t seem as if the 49-year-old resorted to that — unlike her castmate Whitney Rose who attempted to show a few receipts of her own during her faceoff with Lisa Barlow.

Unfortunately for Whitney, it was an epic fail, as her photocopied cellphone messages were not readable in any way.

As for Meredith, she explained why she was so hesitant to share receipts against her castmates.

“I wanted to just use my voice.” noted the Salt Lake City Housewife. “I’m not looking to tear anyone down. I like to build women up, that’s like my thing. I like to support other women. I like to see other women succeed.”

She added, “But I also have certain expectations of, you know, being treated with a level of respect and if I had to resort to them, I had them. But it wasn’t something I wanted to do, ever!”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

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