Meredith Marks reveals whether she thinks Whitney Rose’s apology to her was genuine

Whitney Rose apologizes to Meredith Marks. Does Meredith think Whitney's apology is genuine?
Whitney Rose apologizes to Meredith Marks. Does Meredith think Whitney’s apology is genuine? Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks explains where she stands with costar Whitney Rose.

Meredith appeared on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday following the latest RHOSLC episode.

At the top of the RHOSLC episode, Meredith and Lisa Barlow were mad at Whitney for telling Jen Shah that they were scared of Jen at her surprise party for her husband, Sharrieff Shah.

Whitney later apologized to Meredith and Lisa while they were on a Las Vegas girls trip organized by Whitney.

To clear up whether that apology was accepted or not, WWHL host Andy Cohen read a fan question that asked whether Meredith thinks Whitney’s apology was genuine or if Whitney did it just to quell the awkwardness between them.

“No, I do think that Whitney’s apology was genuine,” Meredith responds. “I think that Whitney’s biggest issue is figuring out timing and it’s something that she is sincerely working on and I do think she does feel badly for the time that she chose.”

Whitney’s confrontation angered all parties involved.

Mary Cosby was the one who told Whitney that Meredith and Lisa were afraid of Jen.

Mary and Jen have been feuding since the top of the season. Mary said that Meredith and Lisa both admitted they don’t like the way Jen talks to her, but they claimed they’re too afraid to stand up to Jen.

Whitney decided to break this news to Jen during the surprise party she threw for her husband. Jen confronted Meredith and Lisa who denied the claims.

The confrontation caused Jen to lose control and throw a glass.

At the end of the blow out, Jen, Meredith and Lisa were all mad at Whitney.

Whitney makes her rounds apologizing

Whitney had to hop on the apology train after the incident and the first stop was Jen. She and costar Heather Gay took Jen to a spa so Whitney could try to explain herself to Jen.

Jen was not satisfied with Whitney’s first attempt to justify herself. Jen threw another fit, during which she splashed one of the cameras.

Whitney then issued apology that seemed to get through to Jen better. However, during the latest episode, Jen made it clear to Heather that she’s still mad at Whitney.

Whitney was then ready to apologize to Meredith and Lisa. Whitney orchestrated a girls trip to Las Vegas. Although Meredith and Lisa were hesitant, they agreed to come to Vegas.

When Whitney ended up at a race track outing with just Meredith and Lisa, she took the opportunity to come clean.

“First, I just wanna say sorry for how all of that happened,” Whitney stated. “I literally was just trying to have a conversation with Jen and Heather came in hot and that’s when it lost control and went all sorts of sideways.”

Meredith and Lisa then explained that she should’ve come to them first before spreading the rumor of what Mary said about them to Jen.

“I realize that so I’m taking accountability and I’m apologizing,” Whitney responded.

While Meredith seemed iffy about the apology at the time, she doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against Whitney anymore.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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