Melissa Gorga responds to Dolores Catania’s ‘you’re going down’ warning at the reunion

RHONJ stars Melissa Gorga and Dolores Catania close-up
Melissa Gorga responds to castmate Dolores Catania. Pic credit: Bravo

Dolores Catania shocked viewers when she made comments under her breath to Melissa Gorga during part two of the reunion, but what does Missy G have to say about that?

The chilling remarks played out while Melissa was sparring with Teresa Giudice, and the OG brought Jacqueline Laurita into the mix.

Jacqueline and Teresa have mended their friendship, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum has told her a lot of things about Joe and Melissa.

However, once Teresa brought her name up, Melissa quickly retorted by sharing some nasty messages that Jacqueline wrote about Teresa.

While she was doing that, Dolores was on the opposite side of the couch issuing a stern warning to her.

At one point Dolores said, “Melissa, you’re going down,” and she also told her to “sleep with one eye open.”

Is Melissa Gorga upset with her RHONJ costar Dolores Catania?

The mom of three had her husband Joe as a guest on her podcast, On Display with Melissa Gorga as they dished about the first two parts of the reunion.

Melissa, also discussed the warning that Dolores issued to her — although, admittedly she didn’t hear it at the time.

Either way, Melissa is not mad at her castmate and she explained why.

“A lot of people were concerned with her and what she was talking about; she was referring to Jacqueline,” said Melissa. ” She was referring to the fact that Jaqueline’s crazy.”

The 44-year-old reasoned that Dolores told her to sleep with one eye open because she knows that Jacqueline’s “gonna make 15 fake accounts to attack” her online.

“That’s basically what Dolores was talking about,” said Melissa who noted that if she had heard Dolores’ comment at the reunion she would have responded, “I’m not scared of anyone, I’m speaking my truth today.”

Melissa Gorga doesn’t understand why Jacqueline Laurita has a problem with her

During the conversation with Joe, the couple also expressed confusion about Jacqueline’s issues with them.

Melissa noted that she’s never fought with Jacqueline, so she doesn’t understand why her former castmate is saying all these things about her.

“Shame on her, because we were always nice to her,” said Joe as his wife chimed in, “I don’t get it.”

Melissa also made it clear that even during Jacqueline’s final season on the show, when she was going head-to-head with Teresa, she never turned on her.

“I don’t even know why Jacqueline’s that mad, but whatever, I do wish Jacqueline and her whole family health and happiness somewhere.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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