Meka claims that Taylor and Brandon never consummated their marriage

Meka spills details on Brandon and Taylor's sex life
Meka says couple, Brandon and Taylor never consummated their relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

Meka Jones is spilling intimate details about her Married at First Sight castmates, Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid.

As we await the reunion, Jones is spilling the beans about Brandon and Taylor’s sex life, or lack thereof – revealing that they never consummated their relationship.

Meka shared this information after she was asked about her friends’ relationship during an episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, hosted by Jamie Otis.

The host shared bonus footage from an episode, showing Taylor “saging” her apartment, to eliminate bad energy from her and Brandon’s tumultuous marriage.

In the scene, Dunklin also revealed that she and her husband were sleeping in the same bedroom.

This prompted Otis to ask Meka if the couple had consummated their marriage, to which Meka responded, “I’m not in their bedroom, so I can’t really talk 100 percent, but she’s told me ‘no,’ so I believe her.”

Brandon and Taylor had a rocky marriage from start to end

Meka’s revelation is interesting, although not exactly shocking if you’ve been watching the rocky relationship between the two since the moment they got married.

Brandon left the couple’s honeymoon in Panama early after having a meltdown about cameras in his face on their very first morning.

Midway into the trip, he blew up at wife Taylor and producers of the show, then left the trip!

It wouldn’t be the last time he would blow up, or leave; this became the norm for Brandon.

After everyone returned from the honeymoon, Brandon finally showed up as the couples were moving in together.

This reunion didn’t go well either, as another argument between the couple saw Brandon once again leave Taylor.

Decision day

On Decision Day, no one was surprised when Taylor announced that it would be best to get divorced. Many viewers felt the couple was toxic for each other and were hoping they would go their separate ways.

Nonetheless, Brandon was hoping for a different outcome. Once Taylor revealed her decision to get divorced, in typical form, he stormed off the set, to absolutely no one’s surprise, saying, “I’m over it … I’m over this.”

Eventually, the cameras caught up with the “runaway husband” who shared, “I got into this to find my soul mate, and I wanted to be happy … but this is over and done with. I am ready to move on with my life. I wish her nothing but the best, but love don’t live here no more.”

We already knew this outcome from Decision Night before the episode even aired.

We shared a spoiler about the status of  Brandon and Taylor’s relationship – revealing that Reid had filed for divorce.

When the reunion airs, we’ll get to hear a lot more details about the couple and what’s been going on in their lives since they decided to split.

The Married at First Sight reunion airs Wednesday night @8/7 central on Lifetime.

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