Meghan Markle reality show reports just aren’t true but should she consider it?

Meghan Markle is not doing reality television despite reports.
Reality television is one way for Meghan Markle to make some serious cash. Pic credit: ©

The rumor mill is buzzing that Meghan Markle is doing a reality TV show with her friend Jessica Mulroney. Netflix and Jessica, who is a Toronto wedding stylist, are teaming up for the show I Do, Redo. Jessica is set to host the Canadian series that focuses on second weddings.

Speculation that Meghan was going to make sporadic appearances on Jessica’s show has been swirling since I Do, Redo was confirmed by Netflix. Fans should not get their hopes up that Prince Harry’s wife is headed to reality TV, though.

Reports that Meghan Markle is joining the new reality TV series are simply not true. A palace source told People magazine the rumors are “categorically untrue.”

However, the question remains: Should Meghan consider doing reality TV? There are some benefits to her venturing into that type of television.

Meghan will get paid big bucks

Prince Harry and Meghan want to be financially independent. One way they are guaranteed to secure a massive payday is for them to do reality TV.

If the couple does not want a show of their own, which let’s be honest, they certainly don’t, they can make bank with guest appearances. Meghan could cash in nicely by popping up on Jessica’s show for an episode or two, and she gets to work with one of her best friends.

Netflix would pay out the nose because fans will be so curious to see Meghan appear on, I Do, Redo that the show’s ratings will be through the roof. People want to see Meghan as Meghan, not a scripted role. That’s especially true after all of the negative publicity from the British press.

Brand expansion

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are saying good-bye to royal life, they need to work on their own brand. The royal couple needs a brand that is separate from their royal identity but also lets Meghan and Harry be true to themselves.

Reality television is also an excellent way for Meghan to develop her brand. She is fiercely independent, and creating her own brand separate from Harry is going to be a necessity for Meghan.

Kim Kardashian is the perfect example of someone who parlayed her reality TV career into a multi-million-dollar brand empire. There is no reason Meghan could not take a page out of Kim’s book.

A new platform

Philanthropy is crucial to Meghan. Appearing on reality TV, even if it is only a handful of times, will give her another platform to promote causes close to her heart.

Along with it being a creative way to talk philanthropy, reality TV is also an excellent platform for her to let the haters see the real Meghan. She will be able to control the narrative and give fans a glimpse at the real woman Prince Harry married.

Still, the likelihood of Meghan ever doing reality TV is slim to none. She wants more privacy and reality television will not give her that at all.

Do you think Meghan Markle should venture into reality television?

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