Meghan King says she’ll show her children ‘what it is to live’ following solo vacation

RHOC alum Meghan King.
Former RHOC star Meghan King shares more revelations from her first solo trip and says she refuses to “wallow” because of rough year. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Meghan King, has a newfound lease on life after her first solo vacation. The mom-of-three has shared several Instagram posts documenting her time away and reflecting on the lessons life has taught her over the last year.

It’s no secret that Meghan has struggled in recent years following her separation from husband, Jim Edmonds, and the realization that she was now a single mom of three young children. However, it seems that her resilience is finally starting to kick in, and after months of perceived darkness, it seems Meghan has fully embraced life and is now taking it by the horns.

Meghan isn’t going to let tough times bring her down

In her latest post to Instagram, Meghan shared that during her trip she realized that her recent life circumstances have changed her — for the better.

“Swimming underneath a wild crocodile in Mexico while sneaking a swim in a cenote is not something that comes naturally to me,” she shared.

Meghan then delved into the impact that recent years have had on her.

“The events I’ve endured in the past year (or so) have simultaneously calloused me and softened me. I enjoy life more. I seize the moments,” she wrote.

But that isn’t all that she’s come to see.

“The events I endured could’ve killed my spirit but I didn’t let that happen, instead I let that emotional pain fade into facing my deepest physical fears: height, bugs, solo travel in a developing country, diving, and even swimming with a wild croc,” she shared.

Meghan continued, “Maybe you think it’s unsafe but you’re wrong: what’s unsafe is caging my spirit. What’s unsafe is not listening to intuition. And what’s unsafe is to let experiences pass me by because of excuses (“I’m a single woman” “I have children to live for” “This is how a horror movie starts”).”

Meghan wants to show her kids ‘what it is to LIVE’

According to Meghan, the tough times could have kept her down for the count, but she refused to let that happen. And she wants to share this resilience with her children, Aspen, Hart, and Hayes.

“No excuses. I didn’t choose to be a single mom going days at a time without my kids but here I am and I’m not going to wallow in that pit of despair, I’m going to show my children – and myself – what it is to LIVE,” she wrote.

Concluding her lengthy caption, Meghan proclaimed that she’s not the same woman she once was.

“Plus is swimming with a croc really that scary compared to what I’ve been through? Nah. My fangs are sharper than they used to be. Watch me go,” she wrote.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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