Matthew from Love Is Blind Season 6 is getting dragged on social media

Matthew stars on Love is Blind.
Matthew is getting dragged by Love Is Blind fans. Pic credit: Netflix

The latest batch of singles on Love Is Blind Season 6 have been going out of their way to find true love.

They’ve agreed to sign up for an experimental dating show that removes physical attraction from the equation.

Matthew is a senior financial advisor who got himself caught up in a bit of a love triangle.

Before getting romantically involved with Amber and AD, his attitude was off-putting to other female contestants in the pods.

Matthews’s actions caused Amber to leave the show early because she was so distraught about being strung along.

Here’s what social media users are saying about Matthew and his behavior in Season 6 so far.

Love Is Blind fans aren’t loving Matthew

Reddit threads have been launched to discuss Matthews’s actions on Love Is Blind Season 6.

One Redditor called him out, writing, “He tried to make it so that the twist is him being a softy with a hard shell that is tough to break. The actual twist ended up being that he was a manipulative love bomber who was distorting reality of two girls. Twist upon twist! So twisted!”

Someone else added, “He’s a narcissistic love bomber who’s trying to see which girl will not pick up on it.”

A third user joined the conversation to post, “Major Jeffrey Dahmer vibes from this dude. Someone please check up on Amber and make sure she’s okay lmao.”

Other fans have commented about how he wasn’t inquisitive or talkative with most of the female contestants – until he finally started opening up to AD.

According to Amber, he was flirty and open with her as well. For some reason, Netflix producers cropped all of those scenes out.

Redditors voice their discontent with Matthew,
Redditors drag Matthew from LIB. Pic credit: Reddit

Is Matthew a Netflix plant?

Some social media users are convinced that Matthew’s a paid actor who’s been planted in the pods to stir up drama and wreak havoc.

If that’s true, it means he’s simply there to make a mess of things for viewership and ratings.

No one knows for certain, but it’s clear that the two women who connected with him the most are victims of a terrible plot.

When AD first found out Matthew told her the same thing he had told Amber, she confronted him about it boldly.

He told her he would leave the show with her immediately and cut off connections with everyone else to create reassurance.

Love Is Blind viewers are not amused by Matthew. It’s unclear if that will change before the season ends.

Love Is Blind drops new episodes on Wednesdays on Netflix.

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