The first Love Is Blind Season 6 engagement: Johnny and Amy

Johnny and Amy found love on Love Is Blind
Johnny and Amy got engaged on Love Is Blind. Pic credit: Netflix

Love stories on reality TV shows like Love Is Blind always move quickly.

Since they’re in such a limited timeframe, the contestants must rapidly look for love.

Some Love Is Blind contestants claim that it’s easier to fall in love so quickly when you’re unable to lay eyes on the other person.

Is that what happened between Johnny and Amy? Viewers watched them fall for each other in a matter of days.

Johnny and Amy are officially the first couple on Love Is Blind to get engaged inside the pods!

These are the details about their fast-paced relationship and their first meeting.

Johnny and Amy’s engagement

The reason Johnny and Amy connected so profoundly is because she felt safe opening up to him about her brother.

During Episode 2, she told him her brother is autistic with ADHD. Amy explained that she’s looking for a husband who will support her as she takes care of her brother and deals with his mental health issues.

The discussion was so heavy-hitting for Amy that she got emotional and shed tears.

She didn’t hold back, revealing how serious she is about keeping her brother as her main priority in life.

Johnny was beyond receptive to her as she showcased all of her vulnerabilities.

By the end of Episode 2, Love Is Blind, viewers saw Johnny get down on one knee to propose to Amy.

They officially became the first couple of Season 6 to pass this threshold.

Johnny and Amy’s first meeting

During Episode 3, Amy and Johnny were finally allowed to see each other in person.

It was an exciting moment for both of them since they’d only been communicating from the pods until that point.

Without seeing what each other looked like, they were forced to fall in love with each other based on the sounds of their voices and their personality traits.

The moment they saw each other, Amy quickly jumped into Johnny’s arms and planted a kiss on his mouth.

He was just as excited to see her and promptly got down on one knee to propose to her the right way.

She eagerly said “yes” without a moment of hesitation.

In most seasons of Love Is Blind, several couples get engaged before moving on to the next stage of the show.

Kenneth and Brittany were the second couple to take the leap in Season 6.

With two engaged couples confirmed so far, there’s much to look forward to when the rest of Season 6’s episodes land on Netflix.

Love Is Blind drops new episodes on Wednesdays on Netflix.

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