Matt James slammed over COVID-19 parties and then hanging out with his mom

Matt and Tyler
Matt James and Tyler Cameron held COVID-19 parties and fans are reacting, bringing Matt’s mom into it. Pic credit: ABC

Matt James is the next Bachelor for ABC. As of right now, he’s battling the coronavirus pandemic like everyone else and trying his best to stay safe.

Or at least, that’s what fans are expecting.

Just last week, the news broke that Tyler Cameron and Matt James were throwing pool parties in Florida, which happens to be a hot spot in the country in terms of COVID-19 cases.

Fans were upset with the Bachelor stars because they weren’t taking precautions or following the guidelines for the state.

Now, one fan of The Bachelor fan is taking aim at Matt, pointing out that he’s being irresponsible for throwing a pool party and then going to see his mom.

Matt James’ photo of his mom draws criticism over COVID party

It should be pointed out that the photo that Matt posted of his mom appears to be an older photo and that Matt could just have used it to celebrate this special moment.

In his caption, he points to Father’s Day, telling his mom to have a happy Father’s Day. But one person thought that perhaps the photo was new and criticized Matt for spending time with his mom after having a COVID-19 party.

“Maybe you should take care of your mom and stop with the COVID parties. What are you, 15 years old? Do you not know that your state is surging in cases? Do you not know that elderly people are at risk? Stay away from your mom honey,” one user called @leannamarie1520 wrote to him on his post.

Matt James
Matt James is facing criticism from fans. Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

While the person brings up a valid concern as Matt’s mother does fall in the age group that is hardest hit by COVID-19 cases, it should be explained that the photo appears to be old and Matt could be social distancing from his mom at this time.

It was just last week that Monsters & Critics reported that Matt and Tyler held a COVID pool party, where a photo was shared of Tyler in a pool surrounded by people.

Matt James was announced as The Bachelor after leaving The Bachelorette behind

Matt was first introduced to the world as Tyler’s friend during the shutdown, as he was part of the Quarantine Crew.

He was later announced as a Bachelorette contestant. When ABC chose to make him the next Bachelor, he was removed from The Bachelorette cast.

As for Tyler, he’s slowly moving on from The Bachelorette spotlight, revealing that he hadn’t been himself since his mom died earlier this year.

Back in early July, Tyler posted a quote that hinted that he didn’t care what people thought about his actions. At the time, he could have been referring to the fact that he wasn’t pursuing a relationship with Hannah Brown or that he was looking into dating other people after his mother’s passing.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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