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Matt James’ friend who body-shamed Victoria Larson isn’t taking responsibility, says Bachelor fan account

Victoria Larson and Matt James
Matt James’ friend appears to break his silence about Victoria Larson. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor contestant Victoria Larson is making headlines because of her determination to get some time alone with Matt James on the show.

But there is also another reason why she’s in the news.

This weekend, Matt went golfing with some friends. One of his friends is filming as Matt is about the put on the green. Matt knows his friend is filming because he looks directly into the camera.

Right as he was about to putt, one of his friends made a comment about Victoria’s body.

His friend questioned how Matt could make out with Victoria. Everyone in the group of friends laughed.

While Matt’s friend was trying to throw off his concentration, Bachelor fans were in agreement – it’s never okay to body-shame.

Matt James’ friend reportedly isn’t apologizing

As it turns out, Matt’s friend isn’t keen on apologizing for his comments.

Bachelor fan account @bachelornation.scoop is reporting that Matt’s friend went on Instagram and made a three-minute long video addressing the incident.

According to the account, he never apologized for his actions.

“From Matt’s friend’s story. Looks like he stands behind what he said. I think everyone should stop mentioning his name… he’s clearly liking the attention,” the fan account wrote.

The fan account scratched out the account’s name.

Victoria Larson
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Interestingly, Matt has been silent about the incident. Same with Tyler Cameron. Both of them claim to have respect for women, but the silence is speaking volumes.

Victoria Larson responded to Matt James’ friend

But Victoria noticed the story about Matt’s friend mocking her body. And unlike Matt, Victoria decided to address the issue.

Victoria broke her silence to the story, saying she loved her body. She also posted a photo of a man on a couch, sitting with a beer in his hand and clearly being overweight. He’s judging what women in a pageant look like.

It appeared Victoria was indirectly telling Matt’s friend that he was nothing special and probably shouldn’t be criticizing women’s bodies.

In the video, Matt appeared to be laughing it off, alongside Tyler Cameron. There were other guys in the video, who were laughing.

None of them have addressed this issue. So far, Matt has been a respectful man on The Bachelor, but this incident could come back to bite him if he doesn’t address it.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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