Matt James and Serena Pitt: Should the Bachelor couple give it another shot?

Matt James and Serena Pitt
Should Matt James and Serena Pitt give it a second shot? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Matt James was heartbroken when Serena Pitt decided to eliminate herself during last week’s episode of The Bachelor.

During the episode, Matt had met Serena’s family and the other women’s families, as part of the on-location hometown dates.

Her family members pointed out that they felt something was missing from their relationship.

Serena, who originally lives in Canada, started to question whether Matt really wanted to make the effort to make it work and move to Canada to be with her.

Or, was she really ready to make the move to the United States to be with him? Was the connection truly there?

Matt James and Serena Pitt will see each other at the Women Tell All

Instead of waiting to see how things progressed, Serena decided to eliminate herself, sharing that she didn’t see Matt as her person.

Matt was sad and heartbroken, and he shed a tear during a confessional interview, telling a producer that the situation was really upsetting.

But tonight, for the Women Tell All special, Matt and Serena will come face to face again. And, she reveals that she still thinks about him a lot.

That’s when Chris asks her a tough question – does she regret leaving Nemacolin and Matt behind back in the fall when the show was filming?

Of course, the preview doesn’t reveal an answer to that. You can see the clip below.

At the time of filming, Matt was still in a relationship with his final pick, who has been identified as Rachael Kirkconnell. Since filming wrapped, Matt and Rachael have split up because of the controversial photos she was in from 2018.

The photos led to an interview where Chris Harrison defended the photos to Rachel Lindsay. Chris would eventually step aside from his hosting duties.

Serena Pitt could have been a frontrunner for Matt James

Based on Matt’s reaction when she decided to eliminate herself, there is a good possibility that she was the frontrunner throughout filming.

Since Matt can’t confirm his feelings while filming the show, Serena may have no idea as to how Matt felt about her during filming and how he does feel about her now.

Fans fell in love with Serena early on because of her honesty and personality. She was also a proud Canadian, which played a role during her hometown date.

As for Matt and Serena’s future, it will be interesting to see what happens now and in the weeks to come, as Matt and Serena could start talking again.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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