Masked Singer star reveals how crew came up with Lemur costume this season

Christie Brinkley as Lemur on The Masked Singer
Christie Brinkley as Lemur on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

This season, The Masked Singer has had some amazing costumes, much more technical and impressive than in any other season.

Firefly has a working battery pack in it that operates the lights. Cyclops had an animatronic eye. Hydra had three heads and blew smoke.

One costume that wasn’t that technical, but was still bigger than others in one specific way, even shocked the singer wearing the Lemur ensemble.

Christie Brinkley talks making the Lemur costume

The Lemur costume didn’t have all the bells and whistles of the other costumes. However, what it did have was the longest tail in the history of The Masked Singer costumes.

Christie, 68, spoke to HELLO! about the costume and explained how it came to be.

“I got the choice of two costumes, and one was bodycon and fierce and I thought, ‘I could wear something like that modeling,'” Christie said. “But the other was cuddly and fuzzy and easy so I knew I would be so comfortable.”

The comfort wasn’t as good as she hoped it would be. She said it was hard to breathe in the costume, which made it tough to sing since you need air. She also said the costume department wanted her to take the other costume.

“The costume department was so disappointed that I went with the fuzzy animal one, which also had flat shoes in the sketch,” she said. “Little did I know the tail was the biggest tail they ever created in the history of the show. It was like strapping a telephone pole to my body.”

Christie said that there were straps that started at her hops and went to her collarbone to make sure she didn’t fall over. Then, she said they changed things up after they agreed on the costume and took away the flat shoes and added heels, which was also uncomfortable.

“It was not my best performance in the world but people were so kind and sweet,” she said.

Christie Brinkley on her Masked Singer performance

After leaving The Masked Singer, Christie Brinkley seemed very happy about the experience.

She said in an interview with PEOPLE that she jumped at the chance to do the show when they called because it looked fun.

She let her three kids know and they showed up to help.

“I just enjoy the opportunity to get the chance to sing,” she said. “Jack came out to California. He was going to be helping me a little bit because I was between personal assistants and he ended up moving there.”

“And my daughter Sailor had already been out there for a month and the two of them are still out there, they loved it so much. So it was life-changing for the whole family.”

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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