Masked Singer recap: Group B battles it out to go to the final nine

Masked Singer Taco
Taco performs on tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer. Pic credit: FOX

Last week, another legendary icon was sent home when Dionne Warwick was revealed to be behind the demure Mouse mask.

Tonight was Group B’s final battle to see who would move on to the final nine.

Before the feisty four graced the stage, Season 1 winner, T-Pain, took a seat at the judge’s table after revealing himself behind a mini Monster mask.

To kick off the championship showdown, Kitty, Banana, Taco, and Frog were feeling larger than life, blazing the stage and belting a popular Backstreet Boys hit.

Up first, Miss Kitty’s BFF appeared in her clue package to dish out some serious gossip. She noted that Kitty was a cougar in her younger days with her love of horror movies and flair for the dramatic. She was once even punished for saying she could see ghosts.

Ignoring her dark side, Kitty came out with the voice of an angel. She brought her own special style to Miranda Lambert’s country hit, Mama’s Broken Heart.

Even as a former Monster, T-Pain was terrified by Kitty’s oversized head. Most plausibly, he hypothesized that actress Christina Ricci may be the flawless feline, pointing to the clue about seeing ghosts and her role in the film Casper.

Some theorists agree, adding that her clue of “family” may hint toward the Addams Family, and her iconic role as doom and gloom Wednesday.

Taco takes the stage

It may not be Taco Tuesday, but everyone’s favorite Mexican snack was having a day. Taco gave the audience another tasty treat with Can’t Help Myself by The Four Tops. He connected with the audience through the spicy lyrics, though he isn’t one to dance around the stage.

After the performance, the judges were all over the place, with guesses including Barry Manilow, Howie Mandel, and Jerry Springer.

Conversely, online theorists were stuck on Ted Danson, noting the package clue of “enthusiasm” and his appearance as a quasi-version of himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Additionally, fans were quick to point out that the hint of him helping people draws a parallel to his character on The Good Place. His friend ended with “cheers” – an all too obvious nod to one of Danson’s most acclaimed series.

Banana peels the competition

Banana’s babies talked on his behalf, continuing his tribute to being a beloved dad. During the performance, Banana slipped across the stage with ease, joyfully belting Lean On Me. Joined by a yellow-glowing gospel, he showed some serious soul.

After, when addressing the judge’s panel, he spoke about losing his own father recently and how the peel has helped him heal.

Frog jumps into action

Last but not least, Frog dropped a bomb on the audience with his rendition of The Gap Band’s hit song. He proved to be quite ribbiting – showing lively movements and a standout voice. He brought the judges to their feet, excitedly dancing while guessing who could be behind the purple pleather suit.

In his clue package, his mentor remarked that he started out when he was just a tadpole, hinting that Frog may actually be more of a young buck.

At-home guessers noted that this further solidifies Bow Wow as Frog, as he dropped the “Lil” from his stage name in his adult years.

Who was sent home?

After the vote, Taco was ultimately selected as the next to go home.

In their final guesses, Robin, perhaps for the first time, agreed with Dr. Ken, guessing comedian Martin Short.

However, in the end, Taco was revealed to be Tom Bergeron, celebrated host of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. It was another shocker for the judge’s panel and viewing audience.

Some recognizable clues included baked beans, a tribute to Bergeron’s hometown of Boston, and VHS tapes, a highlight of his time as host of American’s Funniest Home Videos.

Taking over hosting duties before performing his encore, Taco tastefully left The Masked Singer stage.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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